Here are the Top T-Shirt Trends in 2019

It’s not an exaggeration to say that t-shirts are an incredibly popular item of clothing. There are approximately 2 billion t-shirts sold all over the world each year. These t-shirts consist of a number of design formats, including laser engraved tee shirt, embroidered t-shirts, screen printed t-shirt, and heat pressed t-shirt. These are all types of custom designed tee shirts that can feature a wide variety of designs in a number of styles. T-shirt styles change every year, as is the way with fashion, and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of which trends are popular. This article looks at the top t-shirt trends for 2019.

  • Retro Designs: One of the most popular t-shirt trends is producing shirts with retro graphics, be it advertising slogans or retro inspired prints. At the moment, many companies that sell shirts seem to be looking back to the 1990s and the 1980s, resurrecting graphic patterns and word fonts that were last seen in those decades. This is a popular trend because of the growing rise of nostalgia for those decades, particularly the 1990s, among the millennial generation. The popularity of the 1980s in design can be partially attributed to the popularity of shows like Stranger Things, which are set in the 1980s and reawakened an interest in designs and slogans from that era.
  • Quotes and Phrases Based on Shows: Another popular trend found on a laser engraved tee shirt is the use of quotes and phrases, either directly based on, or parodied from popular television shows. The most popular example of this trend is Game of Thrones, which has inspired designs for a number of tee shirts. For example, the phrase “That’s What I Do, I Drink, and I Know Things” has appeared on a number of tee shirts, including parody examples (i.e. “I ____ and I ______ things.”)
  • Logos of Popular Bands: A third popular trend for a laser engraved tee shirt is to sell shirts designed with logos from popular bands. Band shirts continue to be a popular fashion choice year after year and this remains true for 2019. People like to wear shirts that speak of their favorite bands or musical acts, and with custom printing shirts can be designed with any band’s logo imaginable.
  • Abstract designs: One last trend that is popular in 2019 is custom shirts designed with abstract designs. Abstract images are popular because they can be featured on a laser engraved tee shirt in almost any color imaginable. These shirts are perfect for any occasion because they can be used to dress down or dress up and typically work with any style of outfit.

In conclusion, there are a number of t-shirt trends that are popular. These include t-shirts created with retro designs, quotes based on popular shows, popular band logos, and abstract designs. All of these trends can be featured on a variety of t-shirts; they can be embroidered, screened, or even laser engraved. When looking for t-shirts, you’ll see all of these trends at clothing stores.

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