The Many Different Charities with Clothing Donation Locations, Helping both You and Those in Need

You wardrobe likely continues to grow while your closet just gets fuller. At this point, the best thing to do is to provide charity clothing donations to help yourself and those in need as well. You may have the ability to look for clothing donation locations, or even search for donation pick ups. You and the kids may have clothes that don’t fit or shoes that you don’t wear anymore. Either way, there is the potential for all charity donations to help everyone on both sides.

Regular Closet Cleanings

You may be able to clean out your closets during times like “Spring cleaning” and “weekly chores” and provide the extras to military families and many others in need. You can even schedule regular flushing of the excess clothes in the closets through seasonal charity clothing donation locations. Closets hold so many of those extra shirts or pants that don’t fit and the items you just don’t wear anymore. It’s easy to simply ignore all of that, but you should think about the fact that others could benefit from clothing and other items that are still in good condition.

When to Donate Clothes

The question of when to donate clothes is usually halted by answering a firm “not now” before even really asking yourself if it should be done. However, if you were to take just a little time at the major season changes like Spring and Fall to make small charity clothing donation locations, then there would be more room for all those clothes that you buy the kids for Christmas and that new Winter coat that looks so great in the store. The charities that provide these clothes to all those in need would be very appreciative of your donation as well.

Charitable Clothing Donation Locations

There are many different locations where you can drop off the clothing or other items you donate to charities. Luckily, your own front porch is another option for clothing donation locations, when you can schedule a pick up at your best convenience. One charity for veterans and their families is the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), where you can go to their website, sign up, and schedule a pickup. A couple of other charities for wounded soldiers and military families are out there for the benefit of veterans include the purple heart veterans pick up. Military families, disabled veterans, and all the members of our Armed Forces are well-recognized by the

Considering the approximate 82 pounds of clothing and other textiles that people throw away every year, there is much more that could be done with this material for those who are in need of clothing. Many charities and non-profits have clothing donation locations that allow for quality drop offs while others provide scheduled pick ups where you can simply leave the filled bag or box on your front porch. And they even leave a card with the date of your donation to help you get a standard tax write off amount. There is no need to make extensive calculations to determine the value of charitable donations, but simply keep track of how many donations you make in a year and record the amount that is worth on your tax form.

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