Charitable Giving Starts With A First Step Five Common Questions About Donating Used Clothes

You’ve been thinking of donating to charity lately. The news circuit is a miserable place to be sometimes, shuffling what feels like thousands of stories on all the things going wrong in the world. Where do you start doing good, though?

Doing a world of good is as easy as digging through your old closet and picking out clothes you no longer wear. While charitable donations take on many forms, giving away used clothes has to be one of the most affecting. Not only can you stock up your local thrift shops, you can also reduce landfills. This is on top of personal benefits like eliminating clutter in your home. Little by little, that box of unwanted shirts and jeans will do more than you thought possible.

Where can I donate clothes? Should I also recycle some clothing? Basic questions about charitable clothing donations and their impact will be answered below.

How Do I Choose Clothes To Donate?

This is one of the biggest barriers to donating clothes. Many just don’t know where to start digging in their overflowing closet! There are ways of separating your favorite articles from your least favorite, however. The average American today purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year, according to recent studies — the recovery rate for used clothing and textiles, however, hovers at 15%. A good rule-of-thumb you can use is the six month rule, where anything that hasn’t been worn in that amount of time should be tossed into the box.

What About Very Damaged Clothes?

Perhaps you’ve found some clothes with significant stains or tears. You don’t know if you should send them to the thrift store, but it seems like a waste to throw them in the trash. Consider making a separate bin and recycling them instead. Nearly 100% of household textiles are able to be recycled, making them one of today’s most green materials. The EPA has gone out to say 75% of solid waste in general is recycable, which is great news for the environment.

Do A Lot Of People Donate Used Clothes?

Used clothing pick up is a very commonly used service these days. It’s popular both for its ease of use and the long-term benefits that come with a single bag of unwanted t-shirts. Back in 2007 nearly $6 billion worth of clothing related donations were sent to charity foundations in the United States. Just a few years later an impressive two million tons of clothing and textiles would be recycled or donated to charity. More people are donating…and joining the trend takes little to no time at all!

What Are The Green Benefits?

Even as you ask, “Where can I donate clothes?”, you might also be wondering, “How can this further an eco-friendly cause?”. The great news is that used clothing donations are very healthy for the environment. As explored above, many of the materials used in your sweaters, shirts, and socks can be reused. Now has never been a better time to consider the impact of your habits on the environment. Recent research has found over 10 million tons of clothing and textile waste are thrown out on an annual basis — this contributes to landfills, a major detriment to plant life and nearby communities.

Where Can I Donate Clothes?

You’re digging through your closet and finding a few clothes you don’t particularly care for anymore. You’ve separated the gently used articles with the damaged ones. Now you’re thinking, “But wait…where can I donate clothes?”. The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration that’s been around for decades, given to those wounded or killed while serving. Today The Purple Heart donates clothing to help military families in need, students, and several other demographics.

The time for pondering is over. You’ve already asked the right questions…now reach out to your local charity and see what your simple act can do for the world at large!

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