Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity to Follow on Social Media?

Everyone wants to be a star, but if you cannot find a way to move yourself into the limelight at least you can read about those who are the most famous. From television stars to movie celebrities to music sensations, if you want to get a feel for how life is among the most famous there are many avenues. By watching the right kind of nightly news program, for instance, you can catch up on who is dating who and who was wearing what at the biggest party of the season. If you do not have the time that it takes to watch an entire evening news program, you can simply follow your favorite stars on social media to stay caught up with the latest Hollywood news.

Current news and celebrity gossip are a constant and consistent part of every social media platform. By following your favorite stars you can get instant notification about new releases of movies, albums, and even clothing lines. In turn, by following even a few of your favorite entertainment news sites you can also get updates on rising stars who you might enjoy, but have not heard of yet.

By examining a specific genre of actors, actresses, and other celebrities you can get a feel for how much money the most rich and famous generate. For instance, consider these facts and figures about some of the top earning people in the black entertainment news segment:

  • As one of the most successful female music artists in the world, Beyonce has an estimated net worth of $450 million Her husband Jay-Z, in comparison, has a net worth of $650 million, which brings their collective wealth to $1 billion.
  • Floyd Mayweather was the highest celebrity earner in 2014-2015, with an annual income of $300 million.
  • Allowing him to beat out Elvis for the record of most number one albums by a solo artist, Jay Z earned his 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with The Blueprint 3.
  • With nearly all of his films grossing over $100 million, Will Smith is one of the film industry’s most highly paid actors.

It can be a little addictive to get caught up in the latest Hollywood news and gossip, but it sure is fun to know how the world’s most rich and famous spend their time and their cash!

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