The Bizarre Bite Gate Incident Involving Beyonce

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Beginning in spring 2007, nearly 7 million people visited R and B, rap, and hip hop concerts annually. Many popular concerts during this time were headlined by Beyonce. However, Beyonce’s rise to fame took place long before 2007. Since her rise to fame as a solo act in 2003, Beyonce has remained among the most popular music superstars in the world. In fact, Beyonce has an estimated net worth of nearly $450 million, making her also one of the most successful artists in existence. Considering her star power, many people would consider themselves lucky to get to attend a party with Beyonce. Unfortunately, it is being alleged that an actress got into a bit of a recent altercation with Beyonce. With that in mind, here is more information about what happened to Beyonce at a recent party.

The Party Incident

In a recent interview, celebrity Tiffany Haddish recently spoke out about an incident she witnessed while at a party. Haddish is one of the stars of the new film Girls Trip. In this interview, Haddish mentioned a bit of Hollywood gossip when speaking about a party that both Beyonce and Jay Z were attending. Jay Z is one of the most famous rappers and currently married to Beyonce. In fact, Jay Z recently was able to beat Elvis for most number one albums by a solo artist with the release of his 11th album.

At one point throughout the night, Haddish witnessed Beyonce and her husband storm out of the main party area. Curious, she walked near where the superstar couple had previously stood. During this time, one of Beyonce’s friend told Haddish that someone had allegedly bit Beyonce on the nose.

Why This Story is Gaining Traction

While it might be easy to write this bit of entertainment news off as nothing but a rumor, the story gets a bit more interesting. The internet began to speculate about what could have happened at this party and if anyone had proof the incident. Once again, Tiffany Haddish would become a vital part of this story.

Tiffy Haddish had indeed posted social media photos on her Instagram from the party in question. One of these photos involves Beyonce standing behind Haddish, covering her nose. While there is not proof that a bite took place, many of the latest entertainment news websites speculated this was so Beyonce could hide the damage from being bitten.

Hollywood Superstars Begin to Weigh In

This story has continued to be one of the most popular current news pieces around Hollywood. Many celebrities are taking to social media in order to clear themselves of being involved in this incident. Beyonce and Jay Z are both keeping extremely silent about this matter. This isn’t surprising when considering that this couple understandably prefers to keep these situations from becoming a big deal. As of this writing, people can only speculate who is the biting actress was at this party.

To summarize, many people are still wondering who was behind an incident now being known as Bite Gate. One of the most mysterious entertainment news stories began a few weeks when Actress Tiffany Haddish gave an interview with GQ. In this interview, she spoke about an incident in which an unnamed actress had allegedly bit superstar Beyonce on the nose. However, there has been no actual proof of the incident. Considering Beyonce’s understandable desire to keep matters out of the news, it’s likely this incident will forever remain a mystery.

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