A Look At Shoes In the United States

Shoes are important. After all, how else would we safely be able to walk all around the world? But shoes provide more than just an important function (though an important function they do indeed provide) but can also be a mode of expressing fashion sense and style. With a shoe market that is now worth more than ninety nine billion dollars in the United States alone – and expected to grow to a global worth of as much as and more than two hundred and twenty billion dollars by the time that we reach the year of 2020, less than five short years from now, the importance of the footwear industry, both nationally and globally, cannot and should not be underestimated.

Sneakers are a particularly popular type of shoe. Sneakers come in a large array of colors, shapes, and lacing styles. From the classic ulace to tieless laces, there is a sneaker out there fore everyone. And laces are important, more important than many of us realize. The classic ulace is, of course, the standard option, but you will be able to find other varieties readily available on the market today. For instance, no-tie kids shoe laces are likely to be ideal for your child that has not yet learned how to tie their shoelaces, making the classic ulace impractical until they grow older. The average toddler learns to sufficiently carry themselves by walking between the ages of one and two – and some learn even earlier than that. However, the typical child does not learn how to tie their own shoelaces until much later, no matter what kind of awesome shoelaces they may have. In fact, it is not uncommon for a child to have reached school age and still not know how to tie their shoelaces, and many preschool and kindergarten programs will actually teach your child how to tie a classic ulace. In Australia, for example, there are now specialized thirty minute classes directly focused on teaching young children who are between the ages of five and eight how to properly tie their shoes.

Sneakers are a popular shoe choice among children for their durability and ease of wear, and they are popular among runners and athletes for the same reason (though in many sports specialized shoes are required, such as soccer cleats in the game of soccer). Sneakers have also become universally popular as a casual and comfortable shoe, and this is reflected in sneaker sales, which has reached one billion dollars in sneaker resales alone, let alone the sales of brand new sneakers, which are also considerable.

If you are trying to entice your child into buying a new pair of sneakers (as shoe shopping is typically not one of the most enjoyed childhood activities, especially during summer months when there are so many other fun activities to engage in), it is likely that you will be able to get them excited by fun features like ombre no tie shoelaces instead of the classic ulace. Shoes in fun patterns as well as in interesting shapes are also more likely to capture the imagination of a young child than the typical sneaker or other such shoe, and these fun and interesting shoes have become more common and more popular than ever before.

From a classic ulace to no tie sneaker laces, there are many different ways that shoes can be worn – and many different modes of self expression through just the simple act of wearing shoes. From the youngest of children who have just learned how to walk to the oldest of adults, the shoes we wear are important, both in terms of practicality as well as in terms of self expression.

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