How T-Shirts Can Help Encourage People to Donate When Fundraising

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Fundraising is something that many schools, groups, and non-profits must do in order to raise money for a cause, trip, or project. Sometimes it can be difficult to draw donors in, and encourage them to donate to an organization. Although many individuals think they are generous, and give freely to charitable causes, 75% overestimate how much giving they actually do. Over 70% of these individuals give amounts of money that is considered below the average of what is donated in the country. T shirts for fundraising can help encourage people to give to a cause, and show their support for something they believe in. Here are a few ways that doing so can make a difference for people of all backgrounds with a desire to help others.

T Shirts Are Always a Popular Choice and a Helpful Incentive to Donate

Over 2 billion t shirts are sold every year. T shirts are something that everyone wears, from adults and college students, to young children, and even babies. Since t shirts are so popular, it makes sense to use t shirts for fundraising, as a gift to give individuals who have made a certain monetary contribution. Fundraising apparel is a popular choice, since it gives the individual donating something tangible that they can have as a reward for what they?ve done, and it allows them to show off what their choice cause is.

T Shirts Help Showcase Pride in a Cause

There are many different causes out there that are worthy of charitable giving. From charities that focus on animals, children, the planet, and even helping to support local churches and schools, there are many different cases when fundraising apparel can come in handy. For instances where the charitable cause is primarily taking place online, such as an online fundraiser for someone or something specific, having fundraising t shirts will allow those who have donated to show they were instrumental in helping to further a cause. Online giving is starting to grow more; in 2013 alone, it increased over 13%, and shows no signs of stopping, thanks to help from social media. T shirts for fundraising can bring even more awareness to this cause, when individuals wear them, and show what they are passionate about.

Fundraising T Shirts Are Ideal for Walks and Runs

Having walks and runs as a way to bring awareness and attention to a cause is becoming popular, with people and even families of all ages and backgrounds participating in them. Over 60% of young people in their 20s and 30s like to participate in charitable causes through walks and runs. Usually in these events, t shirts are used as fundraising ideas. Individuals who raise money for the cause they are walking for or running for will get a t shirt for their participating in work. The shirt identifies the event, and shows that the individual was a participant in the activity. This is great for anyone who likes to show their commitment to an activity or sport, and wants to let others know what they were involved in.

There are many different reasons to consider using t shirts for fundraising causes. They can inspire individuals to donate more, since they get a t shirt for their efforts. They allow individuals to show off a cause that is special to them, and can be useful in getting other to either donate or be involved in a cause. Finally, they are a perfect addition to walks and runs. They identify those who have participated in the walk or run, and they can be worn as ?bragging rights? for individuals who have taken part in these functions. When looking for something to encourage others to become part of a cause, t shirts are an excellent way to help get them interested and involved.

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