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Tattoos have grown in popularity in recent decades. According to the 2015 Harris Poll, 47% of Millennials and 37% of Gen Xers say they have at least one tattoo. They have become more accepted in the workplace as well, with many companies allowing tattoos to be shown in the workplace or even when interacting with customers.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo–even for that all-important first one–it’s important to know the different types of tattoos, their cost, and the benefits and value of each type. Consider the following factors:

  • There are approximately 21,000 tattoo parlors in the United States
  • Around 5% of the U.S. population has covered a tattoo with a larger one
  • For a small tattoo, the average cost is $45. For a larger tattoo, the average cost is $150 per hour.

Here are some guidelines when preparing for your next tattoo.

Tattoo Parlors

Choosing the right tattoo parlor to get your tattoo is important. Not all tattoo parlors are created equal. While one tattoo parlor may offer lower prices, they may have less skilled or reputable tattoo arts who may struggle to pull off the tattoo art that you want. A more reputable tattoo parlor may cost more, but the end result might be better.

It’s all up to you and the research you do within your area to find the one that is a good fit for you. Often, a quick search, such as Tattoo Shops Detroit, can lead to promising results based off of user reviews. Finally, asking a person whose tattoo you like where they had it done, can lead to a good tattoo artist as well.

Tattoo Art

If you’re looking to get a tattoo, it is sometimes important to look into designs beforehand, craft your design, and approach the tattoo artist with the idea you want inked onto your skin. Tattoo ink can feel like a major commitment. It’s there for life, unless you go through the process to remove it or cover it up.

There is another method that some undergo when getting a tattoo: the late night tattoo. It is has been presented in numerous TV shows and movies: the late night drunk man or women stumbling into a tattoo parlor and getting a tattoo that they may later regret.

Tattoo Designs
Here are some popular tattoo designs for men or women that can capture your attention and fire up your creative instincts when it comes to designing the right tattoo for you.

The ‘Momma’ tattoo. Often this tattoo is popular with men who want to commemorate their love for their mother.

The ‘Primal’ tattoo. This tattoo is popular with males and involves getting a tribal design etched onto their skin, usually around the upper arms down to the elbow.

The ‘Language’ tattoo. This tattoo involves getting words inscribed onto skin that are from a different language. Popular languages include Chinese, Japanese, and even Sanskrit.

Those are some ideas to get you started on the path to getting a tattoo.

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