4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Bar

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The state of Kentucky is currently the 26th most populous state in America. Nearly 95% of all bourbon produced in the world comes from the state of Kentucky. Many people from Kentucky love showing off their Makers Mark bar accessories. Bourbon is a popular drink to have when setting up your home bar. A home bar provides a great place for entertaining guests and unwinding after a long day. Here are four essential tips for setting up the perfect bar.

  1. Plan Out Drink Amounts Before Event

    The last thing you want to deal with is thirsty guests. It’s wise to keep your bar stocked with plenty of Makers Mark products before an event starts. When deciding how much alcohol you’ll need for a party, it’s time to start counting guests. You’ll want to have an average number of drinks each guest is likely to consume. For instance, a three hour party likely means that guests will consume between two to four drinks throughout the night. Knowing how many drinks will be served can help to ensure you have enough supplies on hand.
  2. Ensure You Have the Right Supplies

    It’s wise to ensure that you have vital bar accessories including shakers, strainers, and bar spoons. Many people prefer the quality of Makers Mark bar accessories. One of the most well known companies to be headquartered in this state is Makers Mark. Makers Mark merchandise ensures your bar is stocked with quality equipment from a reliable company. This company creates wonderful Kentucky bourbon accessories that no bar operator should be without. Statistics show that 73% of adults in America use one product at least one time per week.
  3. A Few Bottles Make Many Drinks

    One of the most important aspects of a great bar is the spirit selection. It’s understandable that you don’t want to go overboard when starting out with your bar. You can make many drinks with only a handful of liquors on hand. Popular spirits to include when starting up a bar are bourbon, gin, whiskey, and vodka.
  4. Keep Nonalcoholic Beverages on Hand

    Not every guest will want to have a refreshing Kentucky bourbon. You’ll want to ensure that you are accommodating to guests that can’t or won’t consume alcohol. It’s wise to have soda, juice, and water to give guests not drinking alcohol a wide range of beverage choices. Having non alcoholic beverages on hand helps to ensure designated drivers don’t get stuck feeling thirsty all night.

In closing, there are several tips to ensure you have an amazing bar. If you plan on hosting events, it’s wise to keep a number of guests on hand. Having a guest list helps to ensure you know how many beverages need to be purchased. It’s wise to have Makers Mark bar accessories on hand which makes guests feel like they’re at a professional bar. You don’t need to purchase a massive amount of spirits to have the bar of your dreams. Many staple cocktails are made with only a handful of spirit varieties. Not every guest will be able to consume alcohol, it’s best to ensure you have non alcoholic drinks on hand. Having a bar within your home is offers guests a fun and entertaining experience.

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