Don’t Make Exercise A Chore Choose An Exciting Sport Like Archery, Rollerblading Or Climbing

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Your daily exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s not always fun to drop what you’re doing to go off for a jog or drop by your gym, but the health benefits can’t be beat. Americans nowadays have a lot to contend with in an average year. Breast cancer diagnostics are on the rise, high blood pressure is alarmingly common and heart disease is one of the number one killers of otherwise healthy adults. This is before we even touch on mental health and chronic pain! Exercise is our natural way of strengthening our muscles, beefing up our immune system and giving our brain the endorphin rush it craves. Why don’t we take a look at ways you can get your recommended exercise while having the time of your life?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Swimming

There’s a reason why so many people flock to the nearest beach, lake or river once the season gets warmer. Dipping into a cool body of water is a great way to stay refreshed while exercising all major muscle groups. Regular swimming (or even semi-regular) has been proven to improve your heart health and tone your body bit-by-bit. Fishing equipment is ideal if you want a hobby that’s a touch more relaxed, while paddle boarding and scuba diving are fantastic events you can enjoy with the whole family. Weather too cold? Pop by your local gym and take a dip in the indoor pool.

Show Off Your Archery Skills

Perhaps you’ve seen a few movies where characters are using a bow and arrow. Looks pretty neat, right? Well, you can actually learn how to fire an arrow when you sign up for an archery class and buy some adventure gear. The stress of firing a bow requires nearly all of your muscles, making it a useful (and very stylish) way of getting exercise. You can participate in horseback riding or do simple drills where you train yourself to eventually hit that coveted bulls-eye. When it comes to exercising, you can’t get much cooler than archery.

Sharpen Your Aim With Some Sharpshooting

Have your ears perked up at the sound of archery? You may end up visiting your local gun shops. Consumer spending on camping equipment (sleeping bags, hiking gear, you name it) has surged to over $1 billion over the past few years. The average camper even went on five camping trips back in 2012! Recreational hunting is often the highlight of many an American’s camping trip. You can learn how to safely handle and maintain a gun by attending classes on top of visiting gun shops, turning you into a responsible owner as well as someone becoming reacquainted with the outdoors.

Pencil Rollerblading On Your To-Do List

This option almost seems strange. Rollerblading? That sounds like something that should’ve stayed in the 90’s! Turns out, much like archery, rollerblading isn’t just a product of the times. The American Heart Association has recently included rollerblading on the list of sports that does a great job of enhancing the cardiovascular system. It does this by regulating blood circulation and improving heart rate, which does wonders for decreasing your risk of stroke and keeping your basic muscle groups fit.

The Health Benefits Of Exercise

We all need to exercise. But actually doing it is another story entirely. When you have kids to feed and a job to attend to, getting out for a morning jog or signing up for a class at your nearby gun shops can be at the very back of your mind. As it stands? Exercise is a must-have if you want to remain physically and mentally healthy into your older years and beyond. Good heart health is promoted through aerobic activity, while supporting your basic muscle groups can be done with swimming, archery or any activity that requires full use of your body.

Finding something you’re passionate about can take the dull edge from exercise and get you feeling good about an obligation. Ready to make the most out of your life? Drop by a sporting good store or your nearby gun shops and seize it by the horns.

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