Why Cottton Linens and Dresses Are Perennial Favorites

Boudoir pillow cases

Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics in human history and there’s a reason for its enduring popularity. It is highly versatile, and can be used for everything from baby pillowcases to sailcloth. It washes easily and lasts. It can be embroidered, scalloped, and decorated to make delicate linens and Victorian style nightgowns. It is sturdy enough to make towels that can handle the needs of a houseful of guests. And it makes the perfect gift, because there’s no such thing as too many hand towels or kitchen cloths.

Tough and quirky kitchen cloths
Let’s begin with the tough jobs, before going on to the easier ones. Cotton kitchen cloths can look charming, with cute and quirky motifs embroidered or patched on. But make no mistake, they’re ready for hard work, wiping up spills, lifting hot dishes out of the oven and off the stove. Stains and smears don’t matter: just toss them in the wash and they’ll come out as good as new.
Cotton kitchen cloths are the ecofriendly alternative to paper towels. Why destroy trees when you can use towels with a friendly hippo or a lighthearted butterfly motif to help you what your chores? And what better gift for a friend or relative than a set of handy kitchen towels to create a homely theme? Embroidered hand towels for the guest bathroom are likewise a luxurious and practical touch.

Cotton linens for comfort
There’s a reason why cotton is still the favored fabric for baby layettes, linens and dresses. It’s cool and breathable, it comes in a variety of colors and it can be decorated in endless ways. Embroidery, animal and flower motifs, patches and pockets: all add to the charm of baby clothes. Cotton sheets and pillowcases are still one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.
In fact most people say that using freshly washed sheets are the best way to wake up refreshed. Monograms can be added to sheets and linens for an added touch of luxury. While two letters are the most common, a single letter or even three can be embroidered on to personalize linens. Linen guests towels welcome your friends without saying a single word.

Cotton sleepwear is a perennial favorite
Cotton sleepwear is another enduring favorite. Cool, breathable and long lasting, it’s both practical and romantic. Victorian style nightgowns with a touch of lace at the neck and wrists, scalloped bodices and flounces will appeal to the romantic in everyone. White cotton nighties are a classic that belong in every wardrobe.
It’s also the preferred fabric for baby and children’s clothes. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo and silk are especially suited to clothes like ladies nightgowns and girls white cotton dresses, offering a classic look and cool comfort.

Pure cotton linens and night dresses, like victorian style nightgowns, have strong associations with tradition and comfort. That’s why they never go out of style, being both practical and attractive. They clean easily, and help to keep a home fresh. Adding a touch of comfort and charm to any room in the house, they make great gifts for a favorite friend or relative.

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