What to Look for From a Safety Clothing Supplier

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Every business wants their employees to stay safe. Safety clothing companies provide many businesses with the proper attire. You might feel overwhelmed when thinking of which safety clothing supplier to choose. Following a few simple steps will help to ensure you?ve vastly narrowed down your selection of suppliers. You don’t want to choose a safety supplier that doesn’t have the items your business needs. Here are four things to consider when choosing a safety clothing supplier.

  1. Wide Range of Items

    Your workers likely have many projects to complete. It?s important to find a safety clothing company that provides plenty of options. Workers may find themselves outside during cooler and warmer months. You?ll want to work with a company that has many safety clothing options for your workers. A company only offering a few items may not provide adequate worker safety, especially if conditions change. You don’t want to be stuck with only short sleeved gear while workers are completing a project in below freezing weather.
  2. Compliance with ANSI Guidelines

    Safety clothing suppliers can have a wide range of clothing. However, clothing that doesn?t comply with certain regulations won?t do your workers very much good. In many cases, using safety clothing that doesn?t adhere to certain guidelines can land your business in major trouble. Statistics show a construction worker or laborer walks nearly three times as much as the normal person. Workers who are taking nearly 30,000 steps per day need to have footwear and other safety gear that adheres to workplace guidelines.
  3. Check the Company?s Website

    It?s best to work with a safety clothing supplier with a website. A website will give you the chance to find out more about a clothing company. It?s wise to be able to see what clothing options a company offers before beginning a business partnership. In addition, images on a company?s website help to show the quality of the products you?ll be ordering. You should be able to find more information about what types of safety items a company offers. Earplugs are popular items for companies to provide workers. The use of earplugs can help reduce the noise level for employees by 15-30 decibels.
  4. Quality Materials

    It?s imperative that you find a safety clothing supplier offering quality products. Statistics show that about $70 is spent per employee for their footwear each year. Ensuring your employees receive quality safety gear is a cost worth paying. Purchasing quality materials helps to ensure your workers are protected by tough and durable safety gear. The area of employee safety is never an area where a company wants to cut corners. If you consider how costly a lawsuit can be against your business, you’ll realize how important it is to pay for high quality safety gear.

In closing, there are several considerations to make when choosing a safety clothing supplier. It?s imperative to work with a supplier offering many safety items. Ensuring a company has many items ensures your workers will be safely prepared for nearly any situation. It?s important to know that a safety clothing supplier is compliant with local and national guidelines pertaining to your business. If a clothing supplier has a website, it?s wise to check it out. It?s best to work with a supplier offering quality materials, especially when thinking about your employees. Choosing the right safety clothing supplier ensures your company keeps its workers safe.

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