Dress to Impress Tips for Looking Great at Work

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You want to do everything possible to succeed while at work. However, one easy way to take care of this is by looking at how you dress. Ensuring you are dressing appropriately for work only stands to make you look better as an employee. It is tough for some to know what proper workplace attire is. In this post, you will learn tips for dressing for success at your job.

  • Being too Casual: It is common for companies to let their employees dress in what is known as business casual attire. Sadly, some misinterpret what constitutes casual business wear The best way to know what attire is acceptable at a company is to look around at what other employees are wearing. If you see everyone in slacks and buttoned shirts, you don?t want to show up wearing jeans and sandals. One survey found that 47% of management stated their workers dressed too casually.
  • Clothing that Fits Poorly: Some people don?t enjoy shopping for clothes. However, when those same people wear custom tailored clothing it is likely they enjoy clothes much more. Taking time to obtain mens business attire that is made to fit you is a great workplace look to have. Recent research found that 50 percent of senior managers observed workers wearing more formal clothing than they did years ago.
  • Choosing the Wrong Colors: Premium mens suits don?t have to be in the classic blue or black. Many offices are seeing employees wearing colors to work now that might not have been as favored a decade ago. However, casual business wear doesn?t mean you should feel free to wear neon suit jackets to your job. A website selling high quality mens suits will feature popular colors that are always a safe choice. One study found that first impressions are made by someone in less than 20 seconds after meeting another person.
  • In closing, there are several ways to dress for success at your job. It is important to know the definition of casual business wear at the company you work for. Don?t be afraid to ask employees about preferred dress code. Choosing casual business wear that is custom made to your proportions creates a professional look. You will want to choose colors that are suited well to the workplace, nothing overly distracting. Following these previously mentioned tips could have you being the best dressed person in the office.

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