Quality Mens Leather Shoes Are a Fashion Essential

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Sunday mornings have turned into a sequence of rather stressful and puzzling events. While your two teenage daughters appear to go through three to four outfits a piece as they plan what they will wear to church, your husband ties and reties his chosen accessory of the morning. In an effort to avoid all of the requests for advice, you are now in the habit of quickly dressing and then getting downstairs and enjoying a cup of coffee. You also take a few minutes, if needed, to clean or shine your husband’s two favorite pair of artisan shoes. For while the tie arranging may take awhile, and the girls’ clothing selection is a flurry of activity, your husband will always wear one of these two artisan shoes every Sunday morning. He may add a couple of different mens designer dress shoes into his work week rotation, but on the weekend he is pretty predictable.
From crocodile skin shoes to a number of other kinds of artisan shoes, the footwear that men select as they head out the door for work or leave the house on weekends for church or other special events, they often turn to the highest quality artisan shoes that provide both comfort and style. In fact, leather dress shoes are the basics that can help men get through years of classic wardrobes. With the best shoe selection and a wide leather belt investment made, a man can focus on other fashion choices.
How Many Pairs of Dress Shoes Does Your Husband Own?
Typically, mens clothing and fashion items are more expensive than women’s clothing items. The difference is, however, that the clothes that men purchase are often more classic in nature and do not fall victim to changing fashion trends. In fact, the decision to buy quality leather shoes and other leather accessories often means that they can be worn for many season, and often, many years.
Consider some of these statistics about the men’s fashion industry and quality leather goods:

  • When it comes to decisions about shoes, belts, and other leather accessories, spending the money on the best products can often pay off in the end.
  • On average, a consumer will have at least four leather items on them at any one time, including fashion accessories like shoes, belt, watchstrap, and wallet.
  • Rotating shoes at least once every other day, will help your shoes last longer. Because footwear materials compress when the wearer walks, rotating them will give the shoes time to spring back to normal.
  • The use of accessories like leather polish and shoe trees can increase the lifespan of shoes 10 times.
  • How you look matters. In fact, studies indicate that visual cues are three to five times as powerful as audio cues.

  • The men?s luxury bags and small leather goods industry grew by 24% in the year 2009, and 40% in 2014.
  • Houston’s The Galleria is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, and has over over 35 million visitors annually from all over the world. Many of the products that are available there include men’s fashion clothing and accessories.
  • Estimates indicate that the men?s designer footwear showed current retail value sales growth of 39% between the years 2009 and 2014.

  • Men?s dress shoes account for 6 % of the shoe market share.
  • One quality pair of leather shoes is a better investment than five or six cheaper options. Getting to the point where you own two, three, or four quality shoes allows you to rotate which shoe you wear on a daily basis.
  • Nearly 75 million people, a number that represent 23% of the total U.S. population are millennials, which means that they are between the ages of 18 and 34. Statistics also show that millennial men are a key consumer base for personal accessories.
  • Exotic leathers, such as crocodile, stingray, or python, all fall under the miscellaneous category for materials used in mens shoe products. This means that exotic leathers only account for 1% of all globally-traded leathers.
  • Your clothing says a lot about you. It shows your confidence, your style, and your dedication to how you look. Make sure that you make the best fashion choices, including quality mens leather shoes.

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