5 Leather Products That Are Great For Men

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The first people to wear leather as clothing were Egyptian women during the time of the Roman Empire. Today, every woman with means and good tastes owns a smooth leather bag, a sophisticated pair of leather boots, and sheik leather jacket. But leather is an essential product for fashionable men as well. In fact, men led the way in turning leather into a fashion trend. During World War II, General Patton’s leather aviator jacket sparked a global interest in leather. The same is true for the black leather jacket James Dean wore in the 1950s.

Plenty of high-end clothing stores have leather for sale for men. Here are five leather products that every man needs in his wardrobe:

1. Leather Shoes

Leather lends itself very well to men’s shoes. Men can get boots, loafers, Oxfords, or simple dress shoes in leather. Every part of the shoe is made from leather, including the sole. Leather comes in a range of thicknesses, between 1 oz and 12 oz. The lining of the shoe would be made with 1 oz leather, and the sole of the shoe would be made with 12 oz. If you will be wearing your shoes in a climate which is cold and wet, it is probably better to get leather shoes with rubber soles.

2. Leather Belts For Men

This one should be obvious. Belts are a necessity for all men, but they are high-quality and low-quality belts out there. Leather belts are of the highest quality. If they are well taken care of, leather belts will last. Fake leather belts often wear down quickly at the belt loop which is used most often. And a genuine leather belt gives a man an extra heir of sophistication.

3. Leather Briefcases For Men

A leather briefcase is an absolute necessity for a man in a high-powered profession. We always think of law when we think of briefcases, but a leather briefcase can be an essential item for an accountant, a professor, a doctor, a salesman–anyone who needs to keep their paperwork in order. A leather briefcase gives an excellent impression to whomever you are meeting with. It says: This man is professional, organized, experienced, and has great tastes.

4. Leather Messenger Bags

Perhaps a briefcase is not your style, or it is too formal for your profession. In that case, a leather messenger bag or satchel can be a great option. Messenger bags are extremely useful for men. After all, they have things to carry around too! Messenger bags are big enough to fit a laptop, a tablet, boots, important files, and any other essential items. A leather messenger bag or satchel will be durable; you can use it for so long that it will pay for itself. A leather satchel will also give you an heir of sophistication.

5. Leather Jackets

Men’s leather jackets come in a variety of difference styles. They range from the rough and tumble biker jacket, to the slimming, sophisticated leather jacket. A leather jacket is a great addition to a man’s outfit. You can dress it up, with a button-down underneath, or dress it down with a T-shirt underneath. Wearing a leather jacket will definitely convey to others that you have a great sense of fashion, and a high degree of self confidence.

While designers might more frequently have leather for sale for women, men are essential market for leather products that should not be forgotten. Men’s products make up a significant percentage of leather for sale. All the leather products on this list can be essential for any fashionable man.

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