Why Photo Culling Could Make You Stand Out as a Photographer

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When you’re a photographer, you have to have something that makes your work stand out. There are so many amateur photographers out there trying to make money, that the average person may not initially realize they are not professionals. As a professional photographer, you should have a well rounded service from profession photo editing services to professional photo culling services. Professional photo culling services aren’t something that you see advertised when photographers are trying to find clients. That’s because this is something that is specific to the photographer and the client doesn’t even necessarily need to know about. It’s basically the art of choosing the best pictures to show your client.

The problem is professional photo culling services is that if you are a terrible critic of yourself, which many photographers are, you probably won’t want to include a lot of pictures. This can make your customers feel ripped off and like they didn’t get very many photos for the amount that they paid. On the other way, including too many pictures makes people feel overwhelmed and they don’t see the amazing features that many of the pictures include. It can make it difficult for them to choose the images that they love in order to purchase them. Too many photos can bore a person.

It can be difficult for you as the photographer to decide which images are the best because you are attached to them. Each picture portrays something that you want to express. Here are a few tips to improve your professional photo culling service.

  1. Before clicking that button, really study the image you are about the capture. Know what it speaks to you and how it tells a story of that memory. Not only will it make for a better picture, but it will eliminate the million and one shots you get of the same image.

  2. Never try to cull on the same day as a shoot. Give yourself a day or two in between to rest your mind and eyes from the images. Then go back to them and you’ll see them all with a fresh perspective.

  3. Making snap decisions are actually the best way to narrow down your selection. If you tend to take too many pictures then don’t second guess getting rid of any. If someone’s eyes are closed or they’re making an unintentional weird face, get rid of the pictures without thinking about it. Instinct knows best.

  4. It’s best not to look at the images close up. A quicker and actually more efficient way to cull is to look over the images at thumbnail size. This will help you pick out the framing and posture flaws.

  5. If you take more than three shots of the same thing and still don’t get the perfect picture, forget it. Throw them all away and start again from a different pose. No one wants multiple shots of pointless items.

    If you can employ these methods and tricks into your repertoire, you will make your life a lot easier. Not only your life, but your client’s as well. It will give you room to be able to show off your best work but at the same time, your client will not be over or underwhelmed by the photos that they receive. If they are going to be picking out their own pictures and buying them individually then less is more but if you are going to give them a digital copy of all the pictures, a delicate balance is required. There shouldn’t be multiple shots of the same thing and there shouldn’t be hundreds of pictures but at the same time there should be enough to show the client that you worked hard and did your best.

    Ensuring that all pictures are edited before showing the customer is important to. Editing can really change the way the entire picture is viewed so it’s important that the customer doesn’t see the before and after shots when it comes to editing. They should only see the edited version because that will be the best version of that image that they could imagine. That is, if your editing skills are up to par, but that’s another topic for another article.

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