Is Leather Clothing Appropriate for Men?

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Is leather still in fashion? We can all remember the leather pants and vest jackets that the men used to wear but if you see someone wearing those things now, the question arises- is it suitable? If the man is a motorcycle rider, a leather jacket might be appropriate but those tight leather pants are not so attractive anymore, are they? Let’s look at a few leather pieces to see if it helps to determine whether or not men should wear leather.

Leather satchels for men
Popular opinion votes ‘yes.’ A leather satchel or brief case is perfectly acceptable. Even business men use these because of their durable properties. Real leather will last a long time and if you have to carry a lot of papers, books, laptops, etc and get in and out of the case often, then opting for a leather carrier of some sort is probably a smart investment whether you are a man or woman.

Leather belts for men
Still going to go with the ‘yes.’ Again, leather is very durable and will last a long time as a belt. The great thing about leather belts for men is that they can be used for a dressy occasion or casual. Brown and black leather belts for men are the most popular kind of belt because they can be worn in jeans and dress pants alike and still look suitable. Now, when ‘leather belts for men’ is said in this article, it is referring to the simple and plain leather belt with a reasonable sized buckle. There are several different kinds of leather belts that are available and some are only appropriate depending on the outfit or who you are. For example, if you are a cowboy or a rancher, sure, go ahead and pick up a huge buckled, studded leather belt. However, if you are a lawyer, this might not fit your attire.

Leather jackets for men
There are so many leather jackets that are available in so many different styles, they can be quite fashionable. There are slim cut, thin leather jackets that still offer warmth and functionality without being bulky and huge and then there are bulky and huge jackets which offer protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. If you chose the right kind of leather jacket, then yes, leather jackets are very appropriate and in style.

Leather wallets for men
Of course. Leather wallets are perfectly fine. Men don’t change their wallets and purses as much as women do so investing in a good leather wallet will last them a long time and be a real money saver as well as money holder. One good leather wallet could last a man a few years before he needs to change it out. And usually that’s just because the card slots have stretched out and the threading is coming loose.

Leather vests for men
This is getting into questionable territory. What is the leather vest for? Are you in a motorcycle gang? Then yes, stitch on those patches and wear it proud. Furthermore, are you going to wear a shirt under it? Please do. On the other hand, are you an accountant? Maybe another material vest would work better for you; like a sweater vest or a cardigan. Save your leather for the weekends.

Leather pants for men
This has to be a ‘no.’ There’s really no opportunity for a man to wear leather pants and be family friendly and socially acceptable.

So, from the looks of things, leather accessories and even jackets are always a good idea and can be arranged in such a way that they are age appropriate, suitable and family friendly. However, wearing leather as clothes for men is just not seeming to be a good idea. If you just really love leather, then fine, go all out and wear it proud- just don’t be surprised if you get some funny looks and have people ask if you are in a costume of some sort.

Having said that, remember, this is just opinion. What you like is up to you and don’t let anyone stop you from dressing however you wish to dress. Just remember, it might affect your employment situation. Professional attire does not include some of these items.

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