4 Reasons to Give Someone a Customized Gift

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There are many holidays during the year that require gift giving; mothers and fathers’ day, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, valentine’s day and then there’s all the little in between holidays if you choose to give presents during those times. There’s always the question of what to give. It’s natural to want to give the perfect present every time but it’s hard to do that at every occasion. More often than not, we win some and we lose some. But, what if you could win this next one? Custom embroidery apparel is a great gift to consider giving someone. There are several reasons why someone would be overjoyed to receive custom apparel products.

  1. It’s a completely unique item
    There’s no other piece of clothing like it in the world. That’s one of best things about custom embroidery. The person that you give the item to, whether it’s a T-shirt or a hoodie or something like that, will have the only one in existence. Having unique clothes is important to a lot of people. They like to have something that no one else could possibly have. Especially if it’s a known embroidery sample, such as a famous movie or funny quote that other people can appreciate. Girls, especially tend to appreciate having items that no one else has. It makes them stand out from the crowd, and no one likes to blend in.

  2. It holds meaning
    A shirt with custom embroidery or somehow being custom made shows the receiver of the gift that you put a lot of thought into their present, thinking about the types of things that they would like and appreciate and then had it made into embroidery stitching. For example, if you have a friend that is in to sports having custom athletic apparel made for them shows that you appreciate their interest in the certain sport and want them to continue pursuing their interests. It’s so much better than running out to the store on the way to see them and grabbing whatever is on sale, in their size. It shows a lot more thought and planning went in to picking and making their present.

  3. Generic gifts are somewhat forgettable
    It’s true. Especially if it was one of those ‘hit or miss’ gifts that missed. They’re easily forgotten about and tossed aside, unused. But, a customized present will fit the needs of the specific person so well that they will remember the effort as well as the actual present. Lots of people give out thank you cards and the worst feeling is when you are sitting down to write out your cards and you know a certain person gave you a gift but you cannot remember what that gift was. You end up writing something to the effect of, “thank you so much for your gift, it was so nice of you to think of me.” Which is just as generic as the gift you received.

  4. It can tell a mutual story
    Many times being able to give someone something that you designed or even made yourself can speak to the history of the relationship between you and the person. It could be an inside joke or something the two of you went through together or some sort of memory that you both hold dear. A personalized gift can show them that you remember or that the feeling is mutual regarding that memory. It could make the recipient laugh or cry tears of sentiment depending on the memory you are choosing to focus on, but either way, they’ll appreciate it.

When you give someone a personalized or customized gift, it shows that that you went to a lot of trouble in order to get them something that they would like and appreciate. People like that kind of effort when receiving gifts and it makes it a lot easier to be genuinely grateful for their gift. Of course everyone wants to be grateful but have you ever gotten one of those gifts that makes you react in more a confused manner than anything; “….thanks….I think.” Let your gift recipient be truly grateful for what you give them this holiday. Show them how much they mean to you whether it be through screen printing and embroidery or another type.

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