Feel Like a Kid Again With Onesie Pajamas for Adults

Adult pajama onesies

Let?s face it. Life is boring as an adult. All of the reasons you so badly wanted to be an adult, such as the freedom to go out without permissions from your parents, or being able to decide your own bed time, can easily be outweighed by all of the responsibilities that must be dealt with.

Going to work, doing all of the grocery shopping, even just cleaning up your apartment can take up most of the free time any adult would have to do the things they dreamed of as a child. Anytime that happens to be left over, will likely be filled with sleeping to regain the energy to do it all over again the next day.

Well, as it turns out, the time you spend sleeping may be your one chance to feel like a kid again. You probably have fond memories of relaxing at night in pajama onesies as a kid. Especially those footed pajamas.

Now you can relive those nights with onesie pajamas for adults. For most adults, heading to bed is a serious drag. It?s simply become a routine where they grab the nearest dirty t-shirt to use as sleepwear.

In fact, a survey found that 61% of respondents reported not having very many options when it comes to night wear. Most do not even own several different pairs of pajamas.
In general, only about 74% of people in the United States even wear some type of pajamas to bed. Another 8% typically slept in the nude, with the remainder simply wearing ?something else.?

Adding onesie pajamas for adults to your wardrobe can expend your collection of sleep wear far beyond most people?s. As an added bonus, you might even sleep better in adult pajama onesies. This could be very important considering that four in 10 Americans reportedly get less than the recommended amount of sleep.

Just like with warm milk or reading a book before bed, there is comfort that comes with nostalgia that can help you fall asleep. Onesie pajamas for adults are basically just another keepsake. Only they still fit.

Obviously we all need to be adults sometimes, but that doesn?t mean we can?t let all of the stress of the real world melt way if even just for the night.

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