Don’t Forget These Three Things For New Babies!

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Are you a parent who has their first little one on the way soon? What a wonderful and exciting time in life. So much to look forward to and so much to learn! Perhaps you’ve been reading books or online articles to learn as much as you can before your bundle of joy arrives and that is great! Maybe you are the opposite and instead of reading articles you just spend your time picking out baby boy tees online. However, don’t give yourself too much stress trying to learn every little thing that you can – it’s impossible to know everything about being a parent even after doing it for 18 years! To help you out a bit, here are just three things to know about baby products:

1. Clothing – Did you know that baby clothing stores generate approximately $11 billion in revenue each year? It sort of makes sense when you think about it because of how fast little ones tend to grow. Between baby girl tees, baby boy tees, to baby sleepwear, and onesies it’s not surprising that it is such a lucrative industry. A good rule of thumb is to have seven onesies, two hats, fives pairs of socks, and four pairs of baby pajamas for your newborn. One thing’s for sure – you won’t have trouble finding cute baby clothes in this country!

2. Food – Currently the U.S. baby food market makes over $1.5 billion in total sales revenue each year. Again, with the amount of food that babies eat every day this isn’t really a surprising figure. However, there has been a recent increase in the number of parents who are making their baby food at home instead of purchasing it. There are specific machines that allow parents to perfectly puree vegetables and starches into meals that their babies love!

3. Toys – Of course your little one will need some fun things to play with when they get into their toddler stage and boy does the United States know how to make a toy. Right now online baby care products online make $5 billion in revenue, and that’s not even counting revenue from brick and mortar stores. Wow!

There are tons of things to purchase and learn while you are preparing for the birth of a new baby, but you’re going to do great. Remember the basics of clothing, food, and toys and you’ll be set. Your little one isn’t going to worry with what sort of baby boy tees you put him in, just that he has a parent who loves him. Congrats and enjoy being a parent!

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