Planning Your Wedding? 3 Linens Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Reception in 2016

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What’s the difference between a wedding that gets “Pinned” on all your friends’ Pinterest pages, and a wedding that’s fun, but forgettable? It’s the same secret to a lasting relationship.

It’s all about the little things.

You don’t have to be a professional wedding planner to pull off the wedding of your dreams. For brides determined to design their dream wedding, it’s crucial to get every detail exactly right for the big day. Some people might call that being a “Bridezilla” or give you a hard time. But those people are wrong. It’s your wedding day, and you deserve to have everything your heart desires.

So while the average bride might overlook a detail like linens, simply opting for boring cotton covers, you know that the right linens are crucial to a cohesive wedding theme. And fortunately, the internet has been a gift to DIY wedding planners. It’s never been easier to find unique tablecloth rentals for weddings online, and the best linen rental companies even allow you to preview your rental linens ahead of time.

If you’re looking into tablecloth rentals for weddings, then here are some thoughtful ways to use specialty linen to accent your wedding reception.

Sheer Linens Allow for Creative Combinations

Plain white, navy blue, or other solid colors are popular linens for weddings for a reason. However, it’s easy to craft creative combinations using sheer fabrics. If you’re looking to design a unique linen arrangement for your wedding reception, consider selecting a sheer fabric in combination with a more traditional tablecloth. The sheer linen can then be overlaid the bottom linen, which creates a sophisticated aesthetic for the reception. If possible, select linen rental companies that can also provide chair cover rentals with the same or matching fabrics.

Spring and Summer Weddings

For spring and summer weddings, brides with an eye for design are using Chevron, Zigzag-print, checkered, and gingham tablecloths. These specialty linens work especially well for rustic-chic wedding themes. Additionally, you can pair burlap and lace (remember what we said about sheer fabrics?) for a stylish blend of rustic and elegant your guests won’t soon forget!

Neutral Hues Are In…

In 2015, professional wedding planners are using neutral hues like blush-pink, peach, and gold to create a vintage, almost timeless look for wedding receptions. When paired with the right centerpieces and floral arrangements, these hues provide a classic look to your reception. It will look timeless, but not traditional.

Remember, when choosing tablecloth rentals for weddings, you don’t want to overdo it. Your linens should accent your wedding reception, not draw too much attention.

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