3 Treatments To Help You Feel Better In Your Skin

Sometimes, certain things about your physical appearance may distract you from the more important things in life. You deserve to be content with the skin you’re in, and there are easy ways to do that when you consult your dermatologist. Here are just a few of the different treatments you can look into to improve […]

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A Onesie For All Ages How You Can Get Cozy Too

One thing rarely changes as we grow from kids to adults: our love of comfy clothes. Getting into our pajamas at fifty still feels as good as getting into our pajamas at five. One item that’s been particularly popular lately has been the onesies pajama. Everyone knows about kid pajamas onesies, but they’re available for […]

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Why There’s Absolutely No Such Thing as “Good” Hair

What is “good hair? And why is achieving whatever “good” hair means or looks like so important, not only to African Americans but among the entire African diaspora? Is unprocessed hair good enough for American standards? Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on who you ask — there is absolutely no such thing as “good” hair. […]

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