What Is Vaping? Find the Answers to Your Questions About E Cigarettes

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A recent estimate by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association places the number of e cig users in the United States at around four million, but that number has likely increased over the past year. More and more adults are looking for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, and the many types of disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes are providing them with the options they need.

However, misinformation persists when it comes to using vapor cigarettes, and many people don’t know the basics on e cigs, such as “what is vaping?” or “how do you use e cigs?” If you’ve been wondering about electronic cigarettes, read on to find the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What is vaping?

Simply put, vaping is the act of puffing on an e cig, vape pen, or other electronic tobaccoless device. Vaping is misunderstood because many people liken it to smoking, but there is no smoke. Inside the e cig is a substance called e liquid, which is heated up by an atomizer or similar part to create a vapor. Vaping gives users the feel of smoking a cigarette without actually smoking.

How are e cigarettes used?

As long as an e cig is filled with e liquid and the battery is charged, then the e cig will produce vapor. Some e cigs and vape pens, which are more complicated devices, work automatically when the user puffs on them. Other devices require users to push a button to work the atomizer. Rechargeable vapor pens need to be charged in a wall charger or USB port in order to keep working.

How many flavors are available for e cigs?

As of last year, there were an estimated 7,700 vaping flavors for sale, with around 250 more being introduced each month. Many manufacturers create custom blends in everything from waffles and frappuccinos to brand name candy flavors and, yes, even tobacco.

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