Are Onesie Pajamas the Next Big Thing? Here Are Three Reasons They Could Become Your New Faves

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Approximately 74% of Americans wear pajamas to bed, and those PJs can take on all different forms. Some people simply prefer to wear whatever is comfortable and don’t think too much about what they wear to sleep. Others, however, like to pick out pajamas that have a little bit of everything: comfort, warmth, and style. Yet there’s one type in particular that can offer all that and more: onesie adult pajamas.

Footed pajamas may think adults think of when they were children, but these days, they’re for everyone. Comfy onesie pajamas for adults and kids alike are available in all different colors and in a variety of fabrics. Here are just a few reasons why these cozy PJs could wind up being your new fave:

    1. There are onesies for all seasons. Contrary to what you might think, onesie pajamas can be worn almost any time of the year. Some PJs are heavier and made from fabrics like flannel and fleece; others, however, are no heavier than a t-shirt or light sweatshirt. Above all, these pajamas are especially cozy during the winter and could keep anyone warm.

    2. They’re for anyone. Some people may think it’s a little strange to wear onesie pajamas past a certain age, but this comfortable style can suit just about anybody. Women may like pink onesie pajamas to keep them cozy, and there are even matching pink onesie pajamas for mother and child. In fact, you can outfit the whole family in footed pajamas for babies through adults.

    3. They come in all different styles. In one survey, 61% of respondents said that they didn’t have very many sleepwear options to choose from. With onesies, however, there are all kinds of styles made for anyone. Some onesies have feet whereas others don’t. Some even come with hoods for some extra coziness. Even plus size onesies for adults are sold by some retailers.

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