Clearing the Air for Three Common Myths Surrounding E Cigs for Sale

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Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, often resides at the center of controversy throughout many parts of the United States. Many towns and cities are working to ban public vaping, lumping the practice in with smoking tobacco cigarettes. As a result, many myths persist in the public’s perception when it comes to the use of e cigs.

But many people don’t know the truth behind these myths, and as a result, they may believe that vaping isn’t for them. Here’s what everyone should know about vaping:

Not all of e cigs are disposables. When electronic cigarettes first hit the market about 10 years ago, most varieties of e cigs for sale were only meant to be used short-term. Some of them didn’t last very long, though, so many smokers may have written them off as ineffective. Yet today that’s changed. Disposable e cigs today last much longer than their original counterparts, and there are rechargeable electronic cigarettes and vape pens that are designed to be used again and again. Today’s e cigs for sale can last for months or even years with proper maintenance.

They’re not just for smokers. Today there are more than 8.6 million people in the United States who have smoking-related illnesses. As a result, many have sought to replace their smoking habits with vaping. Those who used early e cigs for sale may have been dismayed, but today e cigs have shown to be 60% more effective than patches and gum. However, smokers aren’t the only people who use e cigarettes. Some who vape use zero nicotine e liquids and enjoy the practice in place of objects like hookahs — or they just vape because they enjoy the hobby aspect.

Almost as many people are smoking as they are vaping. A recent poll by Reuters and Ipsos found that around 10% of Americans are vaping, with numbers for the under-40 crowd surging to about 15% of the total population. Vaping is on track to become more popular than smoking in the coming years as more people realize that it’s time to quit.

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