From Different Kanger Tanks to New Batteries, Here’s How to Modify Your Vaporizer

Different starter kits

In recent years, electronic cigarette use has skyrocketed as more people recognize the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Today there are anywhere from 2.5 million to 4 million e-cig users in the United States, and that figure is unlikely to decline anytime soon. However, a typical e-cig can only offer so many options, and they’re usually short on power according to more advanced users. For those who like a little bit more in their vaping experience, using and modifying a more complex vaporizer is usually the way to go.

These three “e mods” are sure to inject new life into your vaporizer, and they may even help you create unique vaporizers of your own.

    1. Get a new tank. For vaporizers, the tank is one of the most important elements, as it is used to hold e liquid. Vape users interested in modifying their devices can swap out different Kanger tanks or different Aspire tanks, for example, to give their vaporizer a whole new look. Different Kanger tanks will have varying features, but like other high end tanks, they are often “clearomizers” and will display the e liquid in a clear container, so you’ll always know when you need a refill. This type of mod is preferred by many vape users; however, there are opaque tanks available in all different colors, as well.

    2. Swap out the atomizer. For vaporizers, the atomizer is responsible for heating the e liquid up to create vapor. However, these parts are not all created equal, and replacing this part is essential for getting more vapor. Sometimes the atomizer will be combined with the tank, so you can get one single clearomizer to achieve both types of e mod.

    3. Replace the battery. Whether your vaporizer just isn’t producing as much vapor as it used to or if you’re looking to create a whole new device, a new, powerful battery may be just what you need. Adding more ohms to your e-cig can help produce more vapor and have longer-lasting battery power for continued use. Switching a battery is one of the easiest e mods you can use, so make sure to find a reliable vendor for vaping batteries.

    As of last year, there were around 466 brands of electronic cigarettes, along with 7,764 unique e liquid flavors, and those numbers have continued to grow. These brands, like different Kanger tanks and other e mods, are available in the 16,000 and counting vape shops in the United States — and there are plenty of retailers online also. If you have questions about modifying a vaporizer, don’t be afraid to ask an expert or share in the comments.

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