Want a Better Vaping Experience? Skip the Disposables and Try Rechargeable Vapor Cigarettes

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Most people who are new to vaping have recently switched from smoking, and they want a device that will deliver an experience as close to smoking as possible. As a result, they often go for disposable electronic cigarettes first. These types of e cigs are generally only available with tobacco or menthol flavoring, but they also don’t require any e liquid refills or other maintenance.

But while these disposable cigarettes can be simple to use, they don’t provide the most choice to the user. In order to get more flavor with a longer lasting device, users have to switch to using rechargeable electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, which are generally a bit more complex. Yet even though these e cigs require refills and charging, they can help save money and last a lot longer over time.

In fact, many people who try rechargeable vaporizers and e cigarettes will be reluctant to go back to disposable e cigs afterwards. Why? Here are the three biggest advantages of using rechargeable electronic cigarettes and vaporizers:

    1. They’re less wasteful: Too often smokers will hear about how cigarette butts cause pollution, and as a result, they may think they are switching to a more eco-friendly alternative with e cigs. While this can be true, many users don’t know that e cigs can be recycled by certain manufacturers, and they end up contributing to landfill waste by throwing their electronic cigarettes away. Switching to rechargeable vapor cigarettes, however, means only having to recycle the e liquid bottles, and there’s little to no environmental impact beyond that because the devices get used again and again.

    2. They’re always ready to use: Disposable e cigs will work until they run out of e liquid, and after that they are essentially useless. Those who vape with disposables may also not realize that they are about to run out of e liquid and get an unpleasant surprise when they need nicotine the most. With a rechargeable e cig, there’s more battery power to last and the ability to easily refill the e liquid. Some models even come with clear tanks so users can know how much liquid is left.

    3. They come in more styles and flavors than ever: One of the drawbacks of disposable e cigs is that they are fairly limiting in terms of style and flavor. However, this isn’t the case with a rechargeable vape. Rechargeable e cigs come in all different styles, and they can be filled with almost any of the 466 brands and 7,700 flavors available on the market today. These types of e cigs and vaporizers come in different colors and are easy to customize with larger batteries, different mouthpieces, and more. In short, there is far more choice when it comes to using a rechargeable e cig.

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