How Camouflage Has Inspired Trends Beyond the Fashion Industry

Camo suspenders

You’re not seeing double if you feel as though camouflage is everywhere nowadays. It is!
Not only as camouflage clothing for men and women — and now camouflage baby clothes also — taken over the fashion industry, it has also segued into an entire design movement that includes interior decoration. Not bad, considering how fleeting both the fashion and interior decorating industries can be.

However, in order to truly understand and appreciate the significant role camouflage plays fashion and interior decorating, it helps to flash back to this versatile pattern’s colorful past — pun intended.

It comes as no surprise that army camo clothing was born from war, however, the most popular and most easily recognized camouflage pattern used my the United States army today was originally designed by the French military. During World War II, the French military commissioned two artists, also known as camofleurs, to design a unique pattern that would help to conceal their gear and troops from enemy forces. Needless to say, it worked and the rest is history!

Since that time, various camouflage patterns have been adopted by different military forces across the world. However, camouflage clothes didn’t become popular in mainstream American fashion until the 1980’s. Fast forward to today, and camouflage has expanded into several other arenas, including accessories and interior decorating.

Common camouflage decorative items for the home include throws, pillows, bedding for all ages (yes camouflage baby bedding is a real thing), wall decals, towels, and more. While camouflage baby bedding may seem like the most surprising, you may be surprised to find that camouflage has also inspired the food and wedding industries as well.

Yes, camo wedding dresses are a thing, and so is camo ice cream and cake. In fact, camouflage-themed weddings as a whole have been steadily increasing in popularity. The only question is, what’s next?

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