A Guide to Vapor Cigarette Terminology

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One thing that may come as a shock to smokers who switch to vaping is that there are suddenly far more parts to know about in an electronic cigarette than in tobacco ones. Users have more parts to think about and more maintenance to perform than lighting up a cigarette ever required. However, despite the new technology, these devices are fairly simple to use if following their instructions, and they certainly don’t pose the health risks that cigarettes do.

To begin using rechargeable electronic cigarettes, especially, it is important for users to understand the components of these devices. Here is some of the terminology associated with vapor cigarettes:


All electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery in order to continue producing vapor. Disposable e cigs have batteries that last for a certain amount of time, usually until the e liquid runs out. Rechargeable e cigs, however, have batteries that can be recharged via USB or wall charger. Some types of e cigs have larger batteries or more of them in order to produce greater vapor clouds.

E Liquids

E liquid is the substance used inside the cartomizer in order to produce vapor. While tobacco-flavored e liquids are sold, most users prefer “fun” flavors like fruit, chocolate, and candy. Some e cigs come with pre-filled cartridges with e liquid in them; others allow users to refill with any vaping flavors the user chooses.

Cartomizer and Cartridge

Older model e cigs used cartridges to hold e liquid and would have a separate “atomizer” to heat up the liquid and create the vapor. Today, the cartridge and atomizer are combined into what is known as a “cartomizer.” These parts vary wildly to allow users to produce greater vapor and make their e liquid last longer.

For example, some systems use what is known as an Ego Mega cartomizer. Ego Mega cartomizers will have their own sets of instructions, and some popular versions of these parts are clear rather than solid colored. While some vapers like clear cartomizers so they can see how much e liquid they have left, others prefer solid colors, so they don’t have to look at the “e juice.”

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