Three Features to Look for When You Buy E Cig Liquid Refills

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For adults who vape with a rechargeable electronic cigarette or vapor pen, many will choose devices that require refilling with e liquid. This process costs far less than continually buying packs or cartons of cigarettes, of course, but there is still much to consider before purchasing some new e liquids. While ease of use if a big issue for those who just want to vape in as convenient a manner as possible, there are other factors that may help sway buyers to make one purchase or another.

To help narrow down all of these options, here are three things to consider before purchasing new e cig liquids for your vapor cigarette.

Vaping Flavors

Today there are so many e cig liquid flavors that making a single choice can be overwhelming. While some people prefer more traditional e cig liquid flavors like tobacco and menthol, there are many more out there that can satisfy even the pickiest vape users. E cig liquid flavors come in every variety from candy and fruit to cinnamon spice and chocolate, and some even taste like other drinks and foods, like coffee, margaritas, and waffles.


One thing that surprises users who are new to vaping is that they can order e liquid with just about any concentration of nicotine. This is helpful for users who may have had a pack-a-day or more smoking habit or those who have weaned themselves off nicotine already. Those who have just begun vaping can experiment with the nicotine amounts to find the correct concentration.


Finally, for those who vape and have kids, it is important to remember to keep e liquid out of reach of children. Because these liquids contain ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, they are not safe for consumption. Additionally, e liquids with nicotine can result in poisoning, especially if they are accidentally eaten by children, who may mistake the liquids for candy. Poison control centers around the U.S. have reported thousands of e liquid poisonings in the past year alone, so it is imperative that parents keep these substances away from children to prevent illness or even tragedy from occurring. For extra safety, look for bottles that have childproof caps and packaging.

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