Why You Should Only Buy Activewear Made in America

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When you’re shopping for fashionable workout clothes and athleisure wear, it’s important to know where the products you’re shopping for came from. There are plenty of reasons to look for US made activewear and athletic clothing. Here are just a few:

  • Foreign Work Conditions

    Labor standards in foreign countries are frequently poor and unsafe, child labor is often employed, and the minimum wage is alarmingly low or nonexistent. When you purchase US made activewear, you’re supporting safer working conditions and child labor laws while supporting American manufacturing. You’re also supporting American workers, since jobs rarely return once they’re shipped overseas.
  • Cleaner Manufacturing

    Generally, American manufacturing processes are less harmful to the environment than processes in other countries. Overseas manufacturers are less regulated, so they often use manufacturing techniques that produce more pollution. Purchasing US made activewear is a great way to be environmentally responsible.
  • Economic Benefits

    As jobs go overseas, the US becomes more dependent on other countries, some of which may not be so friendly in the next few years. Foreign manufacturing also drains jobs for Americans and leads to unsustainable borrowing. When you support an American activewear manufacturer, you’re investing in the future of America while buying a quality product.
  • Safety Standards

    Safety standards in overseas manufacturing are very low. Lead and other ingredients that are banned in American products are frequently shipped over form overseas factories. When you buy something that’s made in the US, you can trust consumer protection laws to protect you.

Buying US made activewear is a responsible decision that benefits the economy, job market and environment, but it also benefits you. You get to enjoy quality workout clothes that are safe and well-made, often for a comparable price. Take the extra time to find athletic clothing manufactured in the US next time you shop. It takes minimal effort and it’s more than worth it.

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