Pandora Brings New “Charm” To Your Life

Pandora best friend charm

Building Pandora bracelets can allow women to express their lives through jewelry. Just as no two individuals will have the same life experiences, no two Pandora charm bracelets will be alike. All Pandora bracelets will be unique and special, with endless combinations of the over 600 charms available for each woman to share her individual story and experiences. Pandora has quality, hand-finished charms for every life chapter and occasion, for all women and styles.

Each season and holiday, Pandora introduces new Pandora charms to its already extensive collection to help people continue telling their life story through their bracelets. Each season new Pandora charms are introduced; a new angel is introduced each Winter/Christmas season. The angel charms include the Snow Angel, the Angel of Hope, and the Guardian Angel. The Snow Angel represents a magical winter or the hope, purity, and protection a child experiences. The Angel of Hope reminds its owner of her hope, faith, courage and protection. The silver Guardian Angel has dangling wings with a white freshwater pearl.

Pandora’s silver jewelry
collection includes 235 solid silver beads, silver pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, as well as charm bracelets and charm necklaces. There are over 200 silver charms that pair nicely with any of the 36 sterling silver Pandora charm bracelets. The silver charm collection includes dangle, clip, earring, spacer, and safety chain charms. The Pandora silver collection of charms also includes seven that can be engraved for an even more unique experience.

Pandora jewelry can be found at over 10,000 retailers in over 80 countries on six continents, including 2,813 jewelry stores around the United States as well as airline and cruise retailers. Read more:

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