Pom Pom Scrunchies Tutorial

Pom Pom Scrunchies Tutorial

In this video, you will learn about pom pom scrunchies. You will need a long piece of satin. You’re going to fold it into thirds and cut it into 24 by 4. Make marks so that you know where you want to start sewing.

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After you sew the two pieces of fabric together, you will want to leave half an inch so you can overlap it. You want to make sure it is nice and even there. It is sewed all around besides an inch or so. It is important to make sure that you have an even line. Be sure to line them up nicely so that you can attach them easily when you are adding the scrunchies. Sewing the pom poms on is the next step. When you make a loop from manually sewing, you can pull out the thread from the other side to make a full loop. Next, you need to attach the pom pom. You can get the pom poms from the dollar store. She uses about 30 of them. stick them inside the pouch you just made. She loves the pom pom scrunchies look and her niece will too. It is a really cute look. You can choose different colors of pom poms.

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