A Quick Guide to Custom Engagement Rings

This video shows you the eight decisions you will need to make to create a custom engagement ring. About 88% of Americans marry for love. Every love is unique and deserves custom jewelry to express that unique love. It is easier than you think to customize the perfect engagement ring.

You always want to start with a trusted jeweler who has experience crafting custom-made jewelry to get the best value. You are a few decisions away from creating a custom engagement ring to express your unique love.

Start by choosing the stone. Choose the type of stone you want to be featured in the ring. Diamond engagement rings are the most popular, but you can choose any type of stone. Working with the right jeweler will give you a wide range of stones to choose from. Once you have your stone choice, you choose the cut and size. The metal, setting, shank style, and aesthetics are all customizable features.

Working with an experienced jeweler can help to simplify the process and allow you to create a one-of-a-kind symbol of your love. Connect with a jeweler that will walk you through the process.

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