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Despite modern technology and urban environments, human beings are a product of nature, and many Americans today love to return to their natural roots and take part in sports, fishing or hunting, or simple hiking and camping in wilderness all over North America. Some like to fish or go hunting for legal game, while other outdoor enthusiasts may want to go kayaking in rapids or even go along a zip line to explore the rugged outdoors from a high vantage point. Camping is also popular, whether in tents or RVs, and a camper may also take part in hunting, fishing, hiking, and all sorts of activities alone or in a group. But going outside is about more than stepping out your front door. The right gear and clothing may be needed for convenience and even safety, so visiting outdoors retailers like a fishing shop or hunting supply retailer is a good idea, especially for newer outdoor enthusiasts who don’t yet have all their gear. This can vary widely, from a fishing shop to getting hooks and ropes for rock climbing to hunting gear like camo outfits and more. Even the world’s waters beckon, and a sports or outdoors store may offer scuba gear or scuba diving equipment for those interested.

Who is Going Outside

Many Americans visit the outdoors for hiking, fishing or camping, or going on zip lines, and some activities are especially popular for casual outdoor enthusiasts who need a break from the modern urban life, such as camping. Many Americans love to go camping, and even a group of adolescent or college-age friends may go out camping together to get away from it all and explore the wilds of North America. Campgrounds are a common site for this, and much is spent every year on camping goods. Every year, consumers spend nearly $1.8 billion on camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, lamps, matches for a fire, cooking ware, and much more. Nearly 70% of all trips are taken with friends, and this can make a camping trip both safer and more fun, such as a family going out camping or friends celebrating college graduation with a camping weekend to take a break from frantic modern life. Hunters, fishermen, hikers, and many others are going out to North America’s wild all the time.

Gear and Activities

Clearly, there is plenty to do in the great outdoors, as many call it, but this involves more than just hiking boots and a tent. Based on what a person is doing, he or she will need the right equipment, and fishers, hunters, or rock climbers, for example, need just the right gear for the job. Fishing shops, for example, can get any new fisher started, and experienced fishermen may visit a fishing shop to replenish their inventory before their next outing. Fishing shops offer everything that a novice or experience fisher will need: fishing poles of a dazzling variety, fishing line, lures, live bait, knives for skinning and gutting fish, hooks, and even tackle boxes were all these items may be stored. Fishing shops may not offer a boat for fishing in the middle of a lake, but once a person gets all their gear, they can ride on a friend’s boat or borrow one for fishing in a lake, or they may simply fish from the coast if they prefer.

Other outdoor activities require gear, too. Hunting game means having the right firearms for the job, usually either shotguns or rifles based on the game being hunted. Gear also includes the right ammunition for the firearms, as well as animal call devices (bait is usually banned), and camo outfits ranging from coats to pants and even hats. Kayaking means having the boat itself, of course, and the paddles too. Hiking may be the least demanding outdoor activity, and really only requires weather-appropriate clothing and hiking boots that are comfortable to wear but also tough enough to handle wild terrain like rocks, and a person may bring a backpack with water bottles, power snacks, a compass or map, or even binoculars for observing wildlife and the terrain.

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