Do You Use Reusable Canvas Totes When You Shop?

A trip to a big city is always enlightening. If you live in a small town, for instance, a vacation or short visit to a big city like Chicago offers a change of pace, a different set of transportation options, and a unique life of living among skyscrapers. From getting in the habit of taking public transportation to making sure that you purchase cotton tote bags wholesale to planning extra time in your schedule, there are many people who love the opportunity to live downtown, even if it requires a little bit of extra work.

When most people think of living in a large city, they think about the traffic, the noise, and the nightlife. What many people who do not realize, however, are the little things that are also different. Did you know, for instance, that if you live in the city of Chicago there is an extra incentive for all consumers to purchase cotton tote bags wholesale instead of using paper and plastic bags. In fact, all shoppers in the Chicago area are charged an extra seven cents any time that they use a paper or plastic bag when they shop. As a result, the consumer mind set is changing in Chicago, as well as other cities that impose these taxes.
Wholesale Cotton Totes Are Popular Purchases

With the use of heavy duty canvas totes and other kinds of wholesale bags and totes, there are many consumers who are doing their best to make sure that they are not contributing to environmental waste. These heavy duty tote bags that are made from a number of materials can be used over and over again, eliminating the waste of plastic and paper bags that are often used.

Unless you have been living under a rock during the last few decades, you understand the growing problem of plastic bags and the damage they do to the environment. In fact, harmful plastic bags cost U.S. retailers an average of $4 billion. As different cities and communities work to eliminate this waste, it is interesting to see that there are a growing number of companies who are working to produce a variety of canvas totes.

For people who live in big cities, the transition away from plastic and paper bags to reusable totes has been in progress for years. You should not have to live in the largest of cities, however, to care about the environment.

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