The Benefits Of Charitable Clothing Donations

If you’re wondering “where can I donate clothes?” you’re like much of the rest of the United States, of which seventy percent will give charitably by the time that each and every year has come to a close. From wondering where can I donate clothes to writing a check for the charity of your choice, it is currently estimated that just under five percent of the total collective income of working people in the United States goes to charity and charitable organizations.

Donating clothing is common, as is people wondering where can I donate clothes? But before you can wonder where can I donate clothes, you must first understand the grave importance of doing so. Where can I donate clothes is the first step, the first question to ask, but the why of it all is important as well.

For instance, asking where can I donate clothes is a great way to help protect our environment. Unfortunately, too much of our clothing is simply thrown away, with only around fifteen percent of it being donated (though this percentage has climbed in recent years and is only likely to continue to grow). These clothes that have been merely thrown away and not donated end up in landfills all around the country, and it’s even been estimated that up to twelve million tons of old clothing and other textiles are simply thrown away each and every year.

Fortunately, the push for recycling is on the rise, with the question of where can I donate clothes being asked more and more frequently. Data backs this up, showing that up to eighty seven million tons of various materials was recycled in the year of 2012 alone and that in the years since, this number has only continued to keep growing – and is likely to keep its upward climb in the years that are to come as well. And though the typical person generates around four and half pounds of solid waste per day, the vast majority of it – up to seventy five percent, typically – is able to be recycled.

Asking where can I donate clothes and looking into organizations that accept clothing donations is also a great way to sort through your closet and declutter your life, something that all too many of us are in great need of, more than we might think. It can certainly be difficult to let go of clothing articles, but there are most definitely things in all of our closets that would be a good idea to part with.

When you have asked the question of where can I donate clothes and have decided on where your clothing donation will be made, you should look at your closet for items you have not worn in awhile. If you live in a part of the country where there are only one to two seasons, anything that hasn’t been worn in six months or longer should be given away. Things that simply do not fit any longer should also not be kept, as they will simply hang in your closet and take up space.

And giving your clothing away in the form of charitable clothing donations can do much good in many different places. For instance, many charities like veterans charities can hugely benefit from used clothing donations made by just about anyone. For veterans, finding employment can be difficult and they and their families can both struggle significantly why they search for a job and even struggle to hold down one once they have it. However, veterans charities can help to keep them safe and clothed while they are in this period of transition and struggling.

The American Red Cross has been doing important work for a long time here in the United States and has many locations all throughout the country. The American Red Cross provides an array of services, from the used clothing to blankets. They also provide shelter, food, and even blood donations when it is deemed necessary. As the American Red Cross is open all hours of the day and all days of the week (and of the year), they can use all of the donations that they can get.

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