5 Popular Types of Spa Massage Services

Day spas remain popular locations for anyone looking to relax. Statistics from a 2016 market report found that there were nearly 16,710 days spas located throughout the United States. Thinking about that statistic, it’s important that your spa is able to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by offering an extensive array of massages for your clientele. Considering that, here are five types of massages your spa should consider offering to customers.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

    It understandable to wonder what a hot stone massage entails. These stones are spa supplies that apply a safe amount of heat to muscle tissue. After this heat is applied from the stones, it allows massage therapists to have an easier time getting deeper into the muscles. While offering this might require ordering additional massage spa equipment, many spa owners feel that the costs are worth it.
  2. Massages for Sports Injuries

    Many types of massage spa equipment are utilized to help those suffering from sports injuries. These are any type of injuries that take place while someone is playing sports. That being said, these injuries can target nearly any part of the body. Rather than taking potentially dangerous medications or undergoing expensive surgeries, many receive massages to reduce the pain associated with sports injuries.
  3. Swedish Massage

    This is one of the most common types of massages that a spa offers. In turn, you’ll likely find that adults of nearly all ages enjoy massages including millennials. One study conducted by the International Spa Association found that 56% of millennials report visiting a spa within the past year. Swedish massages are great for those who are new to visiting a spa. This type of massage often lasts anywhere from 40-60 minutes. Swedish massages target nearly all parts of the body, working to remove toxins from the body while reducing pain in problem areas.
  4. Massages Targeting Deep Tissue

    While nearly all massages are meant for relaxation purposes, this might be difficult for certain customers to achieve. Many people live with deep tissue pain that makes many activities quite painful. That being said, deep tissue massages focus less on the entire body and more on where someone is feeling pain. These massages have been shown to help many people effectively manage pain the resides deep within the muscles.
  5. Couples Massages

    Not all massages your masseuses will be administering involve one person. At least, they shouldn’t. You’ll find that offering couples massages is a great way for two people to enjoy this activity together. Couples massages are incredibly popular for lovebirds who are looking for a way to relax together while on vacation. These massages are also great for someone who might feel too shy to receive a massage by themselves.

In closing, there are several popular massage services you’ll want to consider offering at your spa. One study found that the spa industry was able to bring in nearly $16.8 billion in revenue throughout 2016. Your spa can obtain portions of this revenue by offering a wide array of massages. An important aspect of offering these services to clients means having the right kind of spa products and supplies. Therefore, it’s important to partner with a company that provides quality massage spa equipment.

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