Understanding the Effectiveness of Banners in Brand Marketing

Banner installation

According to a 2014 study by Mass Merchant, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. Other studies show that shoppers make 82% of their buying decision in the store. If you operate a business, you probably understand why it’s crucial to use signage. It is an essential tool for any business looking to increase its brand recognition and stand apart from the competition.

There are different kinds of signage you can use for your brand. Some are ideal to be used inside your business while others make a great outdoor marketing tool for the storefront. Banner is one of the most widely used types of signage. It’s used for trade fairs, exhibitions, in-store product promotion, product print backdrops among other application.

Banners allow for custom printed signs, which is a great move towards product promotion and brand awareness. If you’re looking to invest in custom printed banners, make sure the work is done correctly. This is because a banner can either make or break your business, depending on how it’s designed. Beautiful custom designs portray your business as a caring and responsible function of the society. For this reason, you need to blend subliminal brand message with neat graphics so you can capitalize on important promotional opportunities.

Today, custom printed signs make one of the most cost-effective and reliable techniques of signage. For instance, the use of custom mesh banners which is a great outdoor advertising platform for large-scale needs. Mesh banners are made using quality polyester material and they feature crisscrossed fibers, which are slightly transparent. Ideal for windy locations, outdoor mesh banners are designed to allow air blow through to avoid tearing.

Some of the common applications of these banners are sports fences and construction fences. When using a mesh banner, it’s highly recommended to use bungees, which is an elastic cord that prevents banners from tearing in the wind. Although fence mesh banners come in full colors, you can request custom printed designs that feature unique colors, text or clipart.

Pop up exhibits are other types of banner signage and are ideal for exhibitions and trade shows. They are built with high-quality materials and feature portable and lightweight designs for easy installation. Pop up display stands can be used all year round due to their versatility. They come in unique designs such as straight pop ups, pop up counters, curved pop-ups, desktop pop-ups and much more. For more personalization to your brand, you can choose custom pop displays. It can be designed to match your marketing needs. Pop up displays are also used as backdrops for product exhibitions or a background theme for press conferences.

Ultimately, you want a signage that creates an outstanding appeal to your business and represents your brand effectively. Indoor custom printed signs attract customers attention and spur them into making a purchase. The value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements every year.

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