What Are You Selling This Year for Your School Fundraiser?

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The very excited choir students were gathered in the auditorium. With their parents along to hear the news about the summer trip. From a list of the day to day itinerary to the costs of the trip, the two directors presented a visual summary of all of the details. And while the students were excited about the day at the amusement park, the opportunity to sing a song at a professional baseball game, and the trip to the water park, the parents were paying far more attention to the details about the costs and the payment schedule.
Typical of any big trip announcement at a school, the information about the schedule and the costs, the next presentation was from a representative of a school fundraiser company. This presentation, although it may not have seemed possible, was full of even more enthusiasm than the announcement of the daily schedule of events. The school fundraiser representative was polished and professional. He was excited and energetic. He provided motivation and methods for getting the best results for every single sales call.
Armed with all of the information that they needed at this point, the students and their parents left the auditorium ready to sign up for the summer trip, but also ready to earn some of the funds that they would need to pay for it.
Is Your School Starting a Fundraising Campaign for an Upcoming Project or Trip?
Public school is, in theory, free. If your students, however, want to participate in many of the activities that are available, especially the big trips, the price tag can be pretty high. Although some school limit the amount of money a group can ask parents to contribute to the trips, a $2000 price tag is still a lot of money. For this reason, most school groups that plan big trips also turn to school fundraiser groups to provide a way to cover some of the costs. From school t shirt fundraising for a band group that is traveling to a major football bowl game to the candy bars that the kids sell to their neighbors and friends at lunch, many students are able to earn a significant amount of the their money through theses fundraising events.
In some cases, it is not a trip, but a local parent teacher organization that hosts the once a year fundraising ideas. Again, turning to popular trends, spirit wear fundraisers often serve as a great product that will help schools reach their goals. Reaching out to current families, as well as alumni from the school, these school spirit wear sales capitalize on the fact that there are approximately 2 billion t-shirts sold worldwide every year.
Whether your student is looking to raise money for a band trip to perform at the halftime of a bowl game or your student is raising money for new school playground equipment, it is very likely that you will be introduced to a school fundraising project that can help you cut some of your costs. The latest statistics show that the average product fundraiser generates more than $3,100 for schools and other non-profits, so you might want to pay attention to those presentations and the flyers that your students bring home!
More than 70% of parents indicate that they sold fundraising products to friends, family, and co-workers. Do you have your list of potential customers ready?

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