Is Your Group Planning to Print T Shirts for an Upcoming Event?

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Yours. Bright red shirt. Nearly neon yellow lightening bolt the size of which puts the small scar on Harry Potter’s forehead to shame. Your husband’s favorite t shirt was a gift from his daughters three Christmas ago. At the same time that the family was obsessed with binge watching their favorite sitcom about a group of mostly nerdy brainiacs, the girls gave the shirt to their father. Insisting that he wear it every time they were watching their favorite show over Winter Break, you found yourself having to throw it in the laundry every night just as you went to bed. By getting up and throwing in the dryer at some point during the night, it was always clean and ready to go the next morning for the beginning of the marathon view sessions it took to get through six years worth of 30 minute episodes.
Mine.In today’s lingo it would be called heather grey, but back when you purchased a shirt from your favorite coney hot tog store in your own town is was simply called grey. The popular three shades of grey were not a thing some 20 years ago when you bought those promotional t shirts featuring artwork of an animated hot dog, one for you and one for your dad. The artwork is a little corny–get it? corndog?–but for years that shirt has served as the perfect pajama top on long weekend nights. It brings back memories of growing up in your hometown. Of hot dogs and horse races. Best friends and bike rides. Because the shirt has rarely been thrown in the dryer, the screen printing is still pretty decent.
Ours. Somewhere between the corn dogs in high school and the marathon television watching sessions with your daughters, you and your husband ran a race together. It was only a 5K, but it was a race nonetheless. Impressively, you ran together the whole way. Keeping the same pace, it was one of the most fun Saturday mornings. The weather was great, your legs were strong. You both wore the t shirts from that race in the picture you used for Christmas that year. The Christmas cards before the girls. You like to run longer distances now, and your husband does more biking than running, but the matching t shirts are a reminder of that one day on the course together.
What Is the Story Behind Your Favorite T Shirt?
It will likely not be a surprise to you that 90% of Americans own at least one T-shirt they refuse to throw away because of its sentimental value. And given that we all have drawers full of these collectible clothing items, some people have tw, three, or four favorites.
Today’s world is full of freebies. Few promotional towels or promotional tote bags, however, can compete with a free t shirt. Perhaps because of this companies search for quality t shirts for printing their logos on to distribute at county fairs, environmental day celebrations, and openings of new stores. Finding the quality t shirts for printing can help your company distribute a product that will last for years.
In research of 2012 sales by product numbers, a study revealed that the biggest sellers were wearables, especially products like t shirts, golf shirts, caps, and jackets. In fact, that year these shirt items accounted for a 28.9% share of total product sales. Finding the best quality t shirts for printing can help you not only promote your product and business today, but hopefully for many years to come.
Consider some of these statistics about the popularity of providing quality t shirts for printing and how these items find their way in to the wardrobes of many:

  • Between the years 2009 and 2014, the t shirt industry has grown more than 24.2%.
  • 95% of Americans wear t shirts.
  • 70% of men in America today own more than 10 t shirts.
  • 54% of women in America today own more than 10 t shirts.
  • $7.9 billion was the 2011 international trade revenue for the commercial screen printing industry in the U.S.

Your. Mine. Ours. Do you have a favorite t shirt that bringa back memories of horse races and hot dogs, 5K runs with your husband, or television binge watching sessions?

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