What to Consider When Buying Safety Clothing

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If you own a construction business, one of the most important aspects of building a successful workplace is getting your employees the right type of safety clothing. You cannot have employees that provide good work and quality labor if they do not feel safe in the workplace. This is where selecting the right type of safety clothing comes into play in terms of creating a successful workplace. The right type of safety clothing can go a long way to make your employees feel appreciated and valued within the workplace in terms of how you, as a business owner, view them. While most people are not fashion experts, it easy to find the right type of clothing that will make your employees feel comfortable and safe. Here are some simple tips and ways that you can stay ahead of the game in terms of getting the right types of safety clothing for your employees.

In the year of 2014, teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 missed 4 days of work on average after suffering a work related injury. If you employ teenagers in your workplace then it is important to your business to make sure that these teenagers are safe. Not only do you not want any of them to get hurt and run the risk of having a lawsuit or your reputation ruined, you also do not want employees to have to miss work time. There are specific types of safety clothing that you can purchase that can make your employees visible during all times of the day. High visibility t shirts, high visibility jackets, and high visibility pants can all be worn by your employees at night and during the day to ensure that they are seen by everyone else around the worksite area. This is important to note because as mentioned before, an injury can run the risk of an employee having to miss time at work. As a matter of fact, almost one third nonfatal work injuries within the year 2013 that required a break and time away from work were suffered by employees who were new on the job with less than one year of service. If you hire in employees at a high rate it is even more important to have the right safety clothing for your employees such as orange safety vests, reflective pants for work, and reflective safety hoodies. The reflective material that is designed onto the jacket will allow your employees to be seen at night. If you have employees that work on a road late at night, such as a highway for instance, then it is very helpful to invest money into this type of reflective pants so that car lights can reflect on the material and help your employees be visible at night.

Safety clothing is not restricted simply to vests and pants. They can also include clothing items such as shoes and even what many people would consider accessories such as ear plugs. Ear plugs are essential because permanent hearing loss can be the result of sounds that are louder than 85 decibels. This is important to know because for ear plugs, depending on the fit, the ear plugs can help reduce noise by about fifteen to thirty decibels. Employee safety is essential in the workplace. In the year 2015, an exact number of 4,836 workers were killed while working the job. That high number equates to about 13 deaths every single day. Take the right steps in your workplace to ensure that your employees are safe and out of harms way. Get the right safety clothing for the right employees and it will go a long way in terms of your business having success.

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