Choosing Unique and Personalize Men’s Wedding Day Attire

Designer lace up shoes for men

A couple?s wedding is the one event that they truly get to personalize. Because a wedding is in celebration of the couple, it often reflects their personalities. The couple chooses the location, the theme, color patterns, food menu, music, and most importantly, the attire. The bride spends months, sometimes years, choosing the perfect dress. The bridal party attire must complement the bride and groom?s outfits. The groom often does not get to many too many decisions when it comes to wedding planning, but he does get to choose his wedding day attire.

Rental versus purchase
Another benefit that men have is that they can rent their wedding day outfit. However, whether or not the suit will be rented will depend on the desired look. Rental suits are usually more traditional and come in normal colors like black or gray. A groom that wants to add personalization or uniqueness to their wedding day attire may consider purchasing. This is especially true if they desire exotic skin shoes, as most rental places will only carry traditional men?s leather shoes.

Numerous color choices
When most people think of men?s suits, they think of black or grey. This, however, does not have to be the case. Men?s designer suits and exotic dress shoes come in all different colors and styles. In fact, the designer shoe industry for men is growing, due to popularity. Men?s designer footwear witnessed current retail value sales growth of 39% from 2009 to 2014. These numbers show that men care more about their attire and their exotic shin shoes choices. The wedding day is the perfect time to showcase that attention to detail.

The addition of men?s accessories
In addition to exotic skin shoes and exotic shoes for men, there has also been an increase in men?s accessories. Men?s accessories are another great way to personalize the wedding attire. Men?s luxury bags and small leather goods grew by 24% and 40%, respectively from 2009 to 2014. It is becoming more and more acceptable for men to carry designer bags. The designer bag is also a great addition to the wedding day attire, as men are tasked with carrying important items of the wedding day. These items include the rings, the marriage documents, and any payments for wedding vendors. Matching a designer bag with a pair of designer lace up shoes is the perfect way to bring the entire outfit together.

Shoe statements
While some men will prefer to go with traditional wedding day suits, they can still achieve a level of personalization with unique shoe statements. Exotic skin shoes look great with all black suits. Alligator skin shoes provide a little color, without stepping too far out of the traditional wedding day attire. Shoes like alligator skin shoes and crocodile skin shoes tend to cost more, but are of extremely high quality and are likely to last much longer than cheaper made wedding day shoes.

Men?s attire often takes a backseat during wedding planning. However, it is just as important as any of the other wedding day decisions. There has been a growth in men?s designer shopping. Accounting for 40% of global sales, men?s spending on luxury also grew twice as fast as women?s in 2011, 14% compared with 8% respectively. Men can change up and personalize their wedding day attire by choosing a suit or designer shoes out of the norm. They can purchase exotic shoe choices, like ones made out of alligator or crocodile skins. Either way, shoes and suits are the perfect way to create a unique wedding day look.

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