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With so many of using our cell phones and mobile devices to tell the time, you might think that wristwatches would become obsolete, but surprisingly, they haven?t. Although the market for watches decreased 2 percent annually between 1990 and 2014, 86 percent of survey respondents said they still wear a watch. And now, for a variety of reasons, watches are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

They?re easy; no need to go searching through purses or pockets to find your phone, especially if your hands are full. Or there are times when you just don?t want your phone with you, but still need to keep track of time. But one of the interesting reasons that wristwatches will never go out of style has to do with professionalism. Although mobile phones display the time and do a lot more, too, the formation of guidelines regarding using one?s phone in certain professional situations is ongoing. For instance, many older people think it?s rude to use a mobile device during a business meeting or interview. For most members of the corporate and business world, a wearing a wristwatch is not just proper attire, it helps show respect for professional etiquette.

Another common reason that many people wear a wristwatch is simply as a fashion statement; twenty-seven percent of survey respondents say they wear a wrist watch as an accessory, with those aged 20-24 showing the highest occurrence. In addition to their role in fashion enhancement, wristwatches are known as a generational gift, traditionally purchased for or passed down to a child from his or her parent or grandparent as a token of history and family memories.

As a gift or luxury fashion item, Hawaiian wood watches are an excellent choice, both for their exotic quality and craftsmanship, and their sustainability. Made from a variety of woods, Hawaiian wood watches are beautiful, strong, and environmentally-friendly. Natural wood watches such as bamboo or koa wood are incredibly strong but lightweight, and there is something uniquely beautiful about each all wood watch or accessory.

Sustainability is become increasingly crucial in so many of our choices, and what we wear is part of making green decisions. For many consumers, information about the resources and processes that go into making something they purchase is considered important; in fact, 61 percent of those surveyed for a recent report said they would be interested in an Apparel Sustainability Rating or Index. However, about a third of those admitted they hadn?t regularly considered sustainability in their apparel purchases, and others said they didn’t buy sustainable products because they weren?t available where they shop. Needless to say, an awareness that beautiful Hawaiian wood watches are available online through reputable, ecologically responsible companies.

Mens wooden watches, like their leather and metal counterparts, are wider and blockier in design, with larger watch faces and buckles. Straight, bold lines and darker color schemes bring an elegant look to many collections.

Womens wooden watches, while still offering clean-cut, elegant angles, often have thinner bands, smaller watch faces and buckles, more ornate design features, and a wider range of color choices. Both men?s and womens Hawaiian wood watches offer choices with engravings, inlay, and mixed with metal hardware. Wood is dynamic, natural, unique. The grains and organic appearance mean that no two pieces are alike.

A watch is essential in situation when a mobile device either isn?t appropriate or isn?t convenient, but it?s also an important fashion accessory. Why not make it environmentally friendly and unique, too?

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