With the Best E Cigs You Won’t Even Miss Tobacco

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Millions of Americans have already switched from cigarettes to electronic vapor cigarettes. Today there are around 2.5 million vape pen users in the United States with 56% of them being men. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or want a tobacco alternative, the best E cigs can save you money and potentially you’re health.

Alternative to Cigarettes
There have been numerous studies in recent years that show how vape pen users are more likely to quit smoking. A Belgian study found that 44% of electronic cigar users had reduced their tobacco consumption over eight months. Another study found that vape pen users were 60% more likely to successfully quit cigarettes if they used an E cigarette than those who tried using a nicotine patch or gum. Studies also show that an E liquid with little to no nicotine actually outsells the higher strength liquids by a 2-to-1 margin; extra strength cigarettes correspond to E juice concentrations of 24 to 36 mg/ml. Many E cigarettes use popular food additives commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for their juices, making it a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Supply Meets Demand
Thanks to the popularity of electronic cigarettes, the industry has been thriving over the past several years, valuing at $1.7 billion dollars as of 2013; as of 2015 that number skyrocketed to $2.5 billion dollars! Today there are 466 e cigarette companies that own 16,000 vape shops with over 7,700 available flavors on the market. The best E cigs are fully customizable with add-ons, mods, and other parts for a totally unique experience. With so many flavors and styles, finding the best E cigs has become a pastime for many users who are hooked on vaping. Find an E cigarette shop and together lets quit tobacco smoking for good!

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