Making Pink Onesie Pajamas the Next Fierce Thing

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Once upon a very recent time — on March 11, 2012, in fact — a party took place during a large festival in Austin, Texas at which 309 party-goers broke the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Footed Pajama Party.” That’s right, 309 adults showed up wearing footed onesies. Now that is a party.

The thought of such a gathering may conjure up a pretty silly image, but let’s be honest with ourselves here, who doesn’t love the idea of wearing a onesie as an adult? As with any article of clothing, the options for personal style are endless, but for the sake of specificity and being on the same page, let’s envision pink onesie pajamas, and discuss why such an accessory just might be a necessity.

    1. Comfort When polled on sleep habits, 84% of people said that sharing a bed had no effect on what they wore to bed. Everyone just wants to sleep comfortably, regardless of what the pajamas look like, and what feels better than a pajama onesie? Warm, soft, complete, simple. Sounds like a sleep solution.

    2. Fashion Bright, neon pink. Soft, pastel pink. Whatever shade, your pink onesie pajamas can make a statement, if you do happen to be flaunting them to others, or just expressing your style solo because it makes you happy. Be the fearless trendsetter you know you are.

    3. Nostalgia Isn’t the whole point of adult pajama onesies the fact that it is such a throwback to our younger days? Simpler times, when getting ready for bed meant getting safe and cozy in our pajamas under the covers. We’re all really just big kids pretending to be adults, so why not get all the way back to your roots, footed butt-flap pajamas and all.

    4. Options A recent survey showed that 61% of participants responding did not own a very large variety of pajama options. Why not cover the whole spectrum so that you’ll be happy to fall asleep no matter your mood, whether it finds you in your underwear, in the nude, or covered down to your toes in pink onesie pajamas. Don’t limit yourself.

    5. Time When we’re born, we spend about 14 to 17 hours every day sleeping. That’s most of the time. As adults in the U.S. today, we average around eight and a half hours of sleep each night. That still adds up to quite a bit of time when you compound it over a lifetime. Don’t waste all that time. You can still be living life to the fullest even if you’re not conscious.

So if we spend so much time sleeping, why not do it in comfort and fashion, while reminiscing about the good old days and with plenty of options? It just makes sense. For more, read this link.

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