Don’t Put Away Those Cute Jean Shorts from Summer Yet! Try These 3 Looks for Fall

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Although fall is on its way, summer isn’t over quite yet. Therefore, if you’ve been dying to bust out a pair of cute jean shorts — or if you’re not quite ready to give yours up yet for the season — then you have plenty of time. However, as we go into the cooler weather, you might want to keep wearing those shorts but pair them with something a bit more seasonal. If you’re trying to keep those cute jean shorts in your regular rotation for just a bit longer, try wearing them with one of these three garments:

  • A hoodie: Nothing says casual and cute like wearing shorts with a hoodie. This is an ideal end of summer look that evokes images of summer camp and the beach. Throw a fitted hoodie on when you wear shorts, let your hair down, head to a bonfire or beach party, and enjoy the cooler weather as summer comes to a close.
  • A long cardigan or sweater: Sometimes autumn weather can fluctuate in temperature throughout the day, meaning you might start cold, end up hot, and then finish out the day freezing. While wearing shorts might seem okay, you might also feel cold if you don’t have anything covering your upper body. Try wearing a cardigan or a loose pullover sweater over your favorite tee or tank, so you can change at a moment’s notice. This gives you the casual look you’d enjoyed during the summer but adds an extra garment in case of sudden temperature drops.
  • Tights: Finally, when the weather gets cool, a good option for dressing up a pair of cute jean shorts is to throw a pair of tights on underneath them. A pair of plain black stockings is perfect for adding some sophistication to a casual outfit, and a pair of footless or capri tights in a bold color can make the outfit fun. This makes a great alternative to wearing a miniskirt, as it’s a little more comfortable while still being contemporary. This is an ideal look if you’re a fan of Bohemian style, too, because you can pair this look with a tunic or tie-dyed tank.

Wondering where to keep an extra sweater or sweatshirt as the weather turns? Make sure you have a decent handbag to keep one in; the average woman owns about 21 handbags and buys a new one every three months, and she usually has a rotation of three favorites. If that won’t work because you’re purse is too small, make sure that you keep an extra garment handy in the event that that autumn breeze picks up. You can also keep one in your locker at school, at your desk at work, or in your car if you’re on the go, whether you’re wearing your favorite cute denim shorts or not.

What’s your favorite fall fashion tip? Do you wear shorts with any of these looks? Tell us in the comments section.

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