Tips to Make Your Wedding Sparkle

Smokeless sparklers

The biggest trend in weddings in 2015 is still personalization. The basic activities for a wedding can be pretty formulaic- ceremony, cocktails, pictures, dinner, toast, cocktails, dancing, cake, and more cocktails and dancing. It’s how partners add their personal touch to these details that really make a great wedding. According to Bridal Guide, the average bride spends up to 9 hours a week planning her wedding. This DIY attitude has resulted in a burst of creativity for all aspects of wedding planning. Read on for some highlights on how to make your wedding day special to you, your partner, and your guests!

Destination/ Outdoor Weddings- About 24% of weddings are destination weddings, and according to Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now held outdoors. If your wedding fits this category, it is a really good idea to incorporate elements of the outdoor space into your decorations- sea glass and shells for a beach wedding, moss and branches for tree lined space, and grapevines for a vineyard wedding are all really solid elements to bring into your centerpieces. If you’re having a beach wedding, a great idea is providing containers of water and towels for guests so they can take their shoes off for the ceremony and then wash and dry their feet before they head off for cocktails.

Wedding Sparklers- smokeless sparklers are a great way to shed some light (pun intended) on your festivities. There are a few different ways indoor sparklers for weddings can be used- one is for the ceremony, either as a tribute as the couple leaves the ceremony, or as decoration while their vows are recited. Additionally, a wedding sparkler send off is a great, memorable way to end your festivities. Don’t forget to provide instructions for your guests on what time the sparklers will be lit, so that you can capture the maximum impact of the moment on camera. Also, don’t forget to provide buckets of sand so that your guests can safely extinguish your wedding sparklers. Most importantly, have fun! That’s what your special day is all about!

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