Clearing the Air for Three Common Myths Surrounding E Cigs for Sale

Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, often resides at the center of controversy throughout many parts of the United States. Many towns and cities are working to ban public vaping, lumping the practice in with smoking tobacco cigarettes. As a result, many myths persist in the public’s perception when it comes to the use […]

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3 of the Most Controversial Shirts of All Time

Some tee shirts are simply more iconic than others, beloved pieces of apparel that are instantaneously recognizable. Other shirts, though, are infamous. Here are just a few of the latter that you may remember from the news. My Best Subjects. Recently, kiddy apparel retailer The Children’s Place set feminism back a couple decades with its […]

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What Is Vaping? Find the Answers to Your Questions About E Cigarettes

A recent estimate by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association places the number of e cig users in the United States at around four million, but that number has likely increased over the past year. More and more adults are looking for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, and the many types of disposable and rechargeable electronic […]

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