Why Do Charities Always Have Custom Tees?

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If you’ve ever been to a fundraising event, then chances are you saw the staff either wearing or selling cheap custom tee shirts, and there’s a reason for that. Custom tees can help organizations spread awareness of a problem, keep events organized, and raise money for good causes. Here’s how.

Cheap Custom Tees Help Spread Awareness.

Custom tees can help charitable organizations spread awareness of the problem which they’re trying to help solve. Although many see this effort as being a waste of time, it’s actually the first step that needs to be taken when trying to change how an institution handles a problem. By making people aware that there even is a problem, charitable organizations help expedite reform.

Cheap Custom Tees Help People Find Staff.

In order to go successfully, events need to be organized, and organized well. People need to be able to tell who is a participant, and who is a staff member. In order to make this differentiation, organizations often make staff wear custom tees as uniforms. That way, if a problem arises, a staff member can be found easily, and the situation can be quickly taken care.

Cheap Custom Tees Are Highly Profitable.

Sometimes, charitable organizations will actually sell custom tees to help raise money for their cause. When bought wholesale, customized shirts only cost a few dollars each, but will sell for thrice that, allowing the charitable organization to make the money back quickly, and then some. Selling custom tees also helps the charitable organization spread awareness by turning customers into walking billboards.

These are just a few of the reasons why so many charitable organizations always have customized shirts. They help spread awareness, keep events organized, and can raise a lot of funds if sold.

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